You will need
    • 10 kg of fresh perch;
    • 1.5 kg of coarse salt;
    • cool
    • a well ventilated room;
    • gauze.
Take a bass weighing up to 500 grams fish of this size will be easier to evenly proselyte at home. Rinse the fish in cold water, instances of larger - disembowel, remove their gills.
Pour the coarse salt layer up to three millimeters on the wide bottom of the enamelware , then put the fish - head to tail, closely enough to each other. Fill the fish with salt, then each subsequent layer also sprinkle with salt. In Sol and put a Bay leaf, other spices to taste.
Close the container lid, the smaller one, put the load, put in a dark cool place and leave for three or four days. Remove the perch from the salt and rinse under cold running water, removing the salt, spices and slime (if you want to remove some amount of salt from the fish and make it salted, rinse for 15-20 minutes).
Drain the fish, leaving on the sieve, to drain off all the water, then wipe dry with paper towels and hang to dry. To do this, thread the rope or a paper clip through the eye or lower lip (you can bend the hooks from pieces of wire) and hang on the rope (the fish should be hanging freely, carcasses do not touch each other).
Hang the perch in a shaded, well ventilated place - in the courtyard under a canopy on the balcony, on the tree, if drying occurs in the field. The street should be sufficiently dry and warm weather. Carefully close the fish two or three layers of gauze from dust and flies. Under these conditions bass will be ready to drink in five to eight days.
Hang the fish to dry over the gas stove, make sure she was far enough away from the burners (not less than 80 centimeters). In such circumstances, a small perch pickles for two or three days. Store dried fish in the fridge, wrapped in greaseproof paper or polyethylene.