You will need
    • the capacity for pickling;
    • neotrogena fish;
    • salt
    • potatoes to check the saturation of the solution;
    • vinegar.
There are several ways of preparing dried smelt. Salt the fish in brine. To do this, pour into the container of water and toss it in the peeled potatoes or a whole boiled egg.
Pour in water and salt and stir, pour salt until, until the potatoes won't come out. To obtain a spicy taste, add a brine of soy sauce based 330 ml to 12 l capacity.

Place the fish in the brine, and on top place a burden on 3-5 kg to the fish surfaced.
The time salting depends on the size of the fish. If the fish is of medium length, will need to withstand 6-8 hours. And half an hour before end of salting, make sure you add 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
Remove the fish, rinse under running water and allow to drain for one hour. Then wash again, but sweetened with sugar water. Allow the solution to drain.

Nanizhite the fish on the rope and put at a ventilated area.
Method 2. Dry salting. Neotrogena put the fish in a container on the side of each other in layers.

Pour each layer with salt, preferably coarse. The amount of salt is taken at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 1 kg of fish.
Without covering the receptacle, soak the fish during the day and then wash in running water. Nanizhite smelt on the rope by the tail and put in a ventilated area.
Method 3. Smelt pour excessive amounts of salt to form a salt coat. Leave like this for 5-8 hours, and the idea lay the fish on the sandwich paper to drain excess juice. With the juice out and the excess salt. Leave for 3-5 hours.

As soon as the fish starts to dry out on top, post it the fish behind the head. Please note that this Ambassador, the fish do not wash
The question is the tail or the head to hang the fish. Some anglers believe that if you hang the head, the fish will not lose fat. Others on the contrary are of the opinion that if you hang the fish by the tail, it will avoid the appearance of bitter taste. The bitterness will drain through the mouth.
Therefore, it is recommended to use the mixed method: first, for a short time to hang by the tail to the bitterness of the glass, and then behind his head.