Wet or tussocky, method pickles roach

Brine is a brine resulting from the dissolution of the salt in the juice that leaked from fish. In the brine did not breed bacteria, it should be regularly drained.

For this method, choose a small fish, weighing up to 1 kilogram. In hot weather, the roach must-gut, in a cool - not necessarily. To wash the fish don't need enough to wipe it with a dry rag. For drying use coarse salt, it is necessary to pull fish out all the moisture.

To start at the bottom of the tank is filled with salt. Then tightly placed row after row of fish, with each number liberally sprinkled with salt. Placed on top of the wooden circle or the lid on her weight. As cargo can be, for example, a large heavy stone. Oppression is necessary in order that the fish was not formed in the gas cavities good decay-causing bacteria. A few hours later appears a brine, or brine.

The important point in the salting of the roach is its presence in a cool place, it is necessary that it is not spoiled while the salt will penetrate the fish. For this purpose, suitable refrigerator, cellar.

After about three days salted fish should be soaked in water to rid excess salt. After washing, fish should be obotrite. It is better to post at night since at that time no flies. The flies lay their eggs only in wet fish, so when the roach gets dry, flies her is not terrible. In the morning the fish must sprinkle the vinegar for extra protection from the flies and hung (it is better to choose a well ventilated room).

Dry method pickles roach

This method of salting is ideal for larger fish, weighing more than 1 kilogram. First we need to remove all the innards, and then each cut along the ridge and wipe with a dry cloth. Inside roach, copiously, but in moderation, a sprinkle of salt. All the fish should be stacked in rows in a wooden box, cover with polythene and leave in a cool place. During salting roach will also extract the juice, but unlike the first method, it will immediately drain from the box through the gap. Dry salted fish to 5-7 days.

At the end of pickles roach must soak of excess salt, rinse in water and hang on the rope, hang to dry. When the fish is ready, it needs to be removed to inspect for the presence of eggs laid by flies. Ready roach are best stored in bags made of polyethylene, so it won't get too dry and will not zaberemenet. Although, someone like and drier.