The best time to fish (bream, white bream, white bream, roach, perch) is spring and autumn because during these seasons the meat river fish contain the highest percentage of fat. Plus, in spring and autumn weather conditions are most favorable for this process.

If you do not wish to receive the final product is "tainted", for drying, use only the freshest fish. The easiest way to adhere to this rule, anglers caught in the morning, the evening began to jerk.

The beginning of the process: salting

Before salting the fish should be thoroughly rinsed of mucus, and possible mud and then lay in layers in an enamel or aluminum cookware. It is possible to use a bowl or small bucket.

Each layer of fish should be abundantly sprinkled with salt. When all the fish are laid, the pot should be placed somewhere dark and cool place. It is best suitable for this cellar.

When the fish let the juice (usually this happens after a couple days of intense prosol), it is necessary to put under oppression. This is to ensure that fish released all of the gases accumulated inside them. As oppression can use an ordinary brick or stone wrapped in a plastic bag. If stone is not available, use a three-liter jar filled with water.

Drying fish

Under the weight of the fish should stand for two days, only then should check the degree of readiness for drying. As a rule, well-salted fish has a firm meat and sunken back. For sure, you can put the fish in a container (for example, in the tub) and cover with water. If the fish are not surfaced, then the further processing is ready.

Before you start drying, fish carcasses should be washed of accumulated mucus and salt. Fish should be soaked in clean water for three to four hours.

To string the fish for drying need for pieces of the normal wire, the length of which does not exceed 50 centimeters. Each cut should be strung fish of the same size, in the amount of 10-15 pieces.

Hang the fish better in the evening. This is to ensure that it did not sit down flies and other insects. You can also dry the fish by placing it inside a wooden frame covered with gauze. In this case, it will be inaccessible to flies.

To remove test on the fifth day of drying. Store jerky for this recipe the fish you want in the fridge, pre-wrapped it in paper or paper bag.