Before you cook perch river, it is necessary to clean and gut it. And then you can go directly to the drying.

How to clean bass scales

This procedure is not required. Many anglers say that you do not need. But then, when you eat dried fish, you will be much easier to divide it into pieces. Not so the fingers will be cut as crude.

Ways of cutting bass, there are several, the simplest way to put fish in the freezer. When slightly will freeze slightly, it will need to get. To clean off his scales. It should separate very easily. In addition, before you clean the river perch, it can be a few seconds dip in boiling water. The scales will peel off and the meat with the skin intact. Then the fish should be cleaned in the same way as in the previous method.

After it was removed, the scale, the bass need to gut, remove the intestines. Carefully rinse the fish under water. If you wish, you can also remove the gills.

How to jerk river perch?

After cleaning the fish you want to RUB inside and out with coarse salt, put salt under her gills, if not delete it and in the mouth. Salt to regret not necessary. Fish will not take her more than necessary. And you will have a guarantee that the bass will be declared correctly. Also, if the perch is quite large, it is possible to make an incision along the spine. In this case, along the section line it also needs salt.

For the process of drying after salting fish should be emptied into a bucket, pot or pan. Stir and press on it to she had her own juice. If it is not – you can add a little water.

Salted perch must leave in the Cup for a period of 3 days to a week, straddling the top with cargo and covered with any light material (e.g., gauze) to protect from flies. It is desirable that the place where it is stored these days, it was shady and cool. On expiry of the fish is to be removed, soak in water for 2-4 hours, spread out on a towel or other material to the water glass.

Now remained in the belly of a perch, insert a toothpick or a match, hang it upside down so the fat remains in the fish on a rope in a ventilated area. From the flies it can be protected with the same old fine gauze or tulle. On top of with the purpose of repelling insects perch sprinkle with vinegar. To dry fish under the conditions of dry weather and up to 2-3 days.

That's all, dried river perch ready. Now you can safely eat with his family or friends.