The taste of sun-dried bream roach and undeniable, but if they are not at hand, then it can be dry-cured and other fish. As long as it was fresh and chilled, but in any case not frozen.
If you have to jerk the fish in the winter, it can not Eviscerate, but only in large specimens to make along the ridge cut. In the summer it is necessary to remove the entrails and gills, because the fish gut filled water vegetation that will add bitterness. And in hot weather there is a risk that the entrails will rot.
Fish through the eye to string the twine through a large needle. In a bundle can be up to a dozen fish depending on size. RUB the carcass with coarse salt (not iodized to take), pour it in the cuts on the backs.
Salting fish in barrels or stainless containers. Brine for fish prepared at the rate of one part salt to four parts of water, the salt needs to dissolve completely. At the bottom of the container pour the brine and put there bundles of fish. Put a small bend, so that the brine completely covered the fish.
5 days, 2 days more or less, depending on the size of the fish, take it out, rinse with water and hang to valitsa in a shaded area. Fish should not touch each other. For protection from flies, you can wrap the gauze.
Dried fish will be ready in about 6 weeks, small Padalitsa faster. To keep the fish you want in canvas bags in a cool place.