You will need
    • fish (roach
    • carp
    • roach, etc.)
    • salt
    • spices (optional)
    • water
For starters, the fish should be carefully gutted and washed. Scales to clean off is not required.
Next the fish need to pickle. The problem of salt – fish pull out excess moisture; therefore, salting is better to take coarse salt, because it dissolves slowly and pulls more moisture. Take a large saucepan and lay the fish in layers: the first layer, top with salt, a second layer, again salt and so on. The last layer of salt should completely cover the fish.
Cover the pot with a lid or piece of cardboard and put oppression. So the fish should stand for 2-4 days, depending on size. Well-salted fish has a thick back, and a dark grey meat.
Salted fish is washed thoroughly to wash off all the slime and excess salt. Within a few hours to soak the fish in cold water.
Next the fish need to wipe dry and hang to dry. The suspension, as a rule, lower lip, or eye, as the fish is juicier. Drying is preferably in a draught or over a gas stove (but not below 80 cm above the flame). It is desirable to cover the fish gauze to her did not sit down flies.
To store dried fish better in the refrigerator, tightly wrapped in parchment paper or plastic food wrap. The fact that poorly Packed fish may begin to sweat and the abyss.