In the dream you are together again

If you back together with your ex lover, you okay around him, you make love, walk, talk, laugh, then wait for any news from your past. Perhaps soon you will receive news from afar, people from your past life will suddenly remind myself.

Another interpretation of this dream: you just have not had time to completely break free from past relationships and I often think about this man, remember the time spent together, sometimes even sad, so he comes to you in a dream.

It happens that dreaming about an ex-boyfriend portends an ambulance unexpected meeting with him or some news from him. Could also mean that he remembers about you too.

You dream you quarrel with him or break up

This is a very good sign. This dream means that you are ready to start a new life and freedom from the past. It's time to tidy up your life, your plans should be implemented in a short time, the case will go to the mountain. Generally, such a dream means similar changes for the better.

In the dream you see your ex boyfriend or husband dead

This dream means fruitless hope. If you are still hoping to get the man, you should leave these thoughts. Your relationship ended and you need to learn how to live. You stand on the threshold of great change, so enough to look back on a past that is irretrievably gone.

Your ex-boyfriend with another girl

This dream can be interpreted literally. Your subconscious mind alerts you that it is time to forget this man, he started a new life, he met another of you has rarely remembers.

To dream of your ex-husband, lover or boyfriend changed

If in real life your ex man, for example, lean, and in the dream you see it suddenly grown plump, it is a very bad sign that could mean some trouble. Perhaps he thinks of something bad, remember your relationship with disappointment and anger.

To dream of your former lover killed

Means that you do not want to throw this man out of my head, constantly thinking about it, do not want to let him go. This dream suggests that you still have Heartbreak. Usually these dreams do not portend any trouble, however, can also mean sadness and inner discomfort, bad mood and small everyday problems.

To see your ex boyfriend drunk in a dream

The dream means what this person thinks of you, remembers your past together, can not you forget, and most importantly, feels guilty in front of you.

Your ex gives you a gift

Such dreams often dream of the women after a breakup. Often the ex-boyfriend gives it a ring. This dream suggests that you continue to think. Maybe even wants you back. However it is not necessary to make the first move, wait, when he will take the initiative. Wait for news from him.

In the dream, as he moves away from you

You his name, but he can't hear you and still goes. Perhaps it is time to forget it and start to build their lives. This dream means that fate throws you and you should come to terms with it.

You see him in his sleep surrounded by his family

May mean something in the life of your former lover unpleasant events occur, he feels depressed and lonely.

To see the former on holiday

A very bad dream, especially if you celebrate his birthday. A very bad omen. The fun was a celebration in the dream, the worse it will be in life. This dream suggests that your former lover is in danger, he can get seriously ill or it will be a trouble.