Why dream of old lovers? Intimate dream

Statistics say that the main snovidenii of these paintings are girls and women. According to intimate dream, if a girl dreams, she meets up with her former boyfriend, the reality of it speaks about it a long time already cooled feelings for him, that all is love "wounds" have healed, and the resentment disappeared. The dream advises to go in search of a new love and to forget the old!

What dream old lovers? Dream Interpretation Hasse

Dream interpretation Hasse in his own way interprets one of the options of sleeping with former lovers. For example, if the former young people come into the dream of young girls in some completely different images or in unusual situations, young sevinicem need to admit to themselves that the feelings for the former love is still somewhere warmer.

Here we can safely say that the ex-boyfriend still takes place in the heart of snovideni. However, one should not look back and try to reconnect – it's too late, nothing will come of it! Better to forget this guy and stop to pick at my soul.

Why dream about ex-Boyfriends? The Dream Miller

If the girl had her ex-young man in society, a new passion, then in the future change is coming. Thus new trends can leave both positive and negative footprint. If you dream of a renewed relationship, and the reality will arise some situation, closely associated with past love. A kiss from a former lover dreams to one or another unexpected event, and sex with him – conflicts of interest in reality.

What dream ex girlfriend? The experts

If you talk about it the most rational, ex-girlfriends as well as former young people, the dream of reason, recently flashed in the minds of the dreamer's memories. Men just can't "let go" of a former lover out of your head and life. Sometimes they go to desperate measures and call your ex. After that, rethink the conversation, evaluate the events according to the principle "what would happen if". Hence the constant thoughts of their past love, poured out in a dream.

Psychologists advise such men and boys to reconsider their attitude to the past love for flying novel. Representatives of a strong half of mankind must reflect on its own present life and cease to idealize the object of their affections. Psychologists call this the problem of "open Gestalt". The effect of "unclosed Gestalt" may impose an imprint on the future life of men.