Intimate sonnik: men's shoes

According to intimate dream, expensive, new and high-quality men's shoes, seen in a dream, says about the welfare of the dreamer in his intimate life. This dream soothes and warrants that in the near future in the sexual life of sleeping no problem. To dream the old, dirty, and even torn shoes to the disorder in an intimate relationship with your partner. Often, this dream warns of imminent reputational damage, which can lead to rumors and gossip, spread by envious.

Men's shoes for the dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Evgeny Tsvetkov in his dream book says that the shoes are a dream to any changes and surprises in life. For example, it may be the change your workplace, educational institutions, places of permanent residence. While Flowers doesn't know the difference in what men's shoes dreamed it could be boots, shoes and sandals, and even men's sandals. Flowers is paying attention to the shoes. For example, old and crumpled men shoes the dream warns, that luck might leave the house sleeping. Often this dream can subtly hint to pay attention to their own shoes in reality: it would be good to clean it, to put in proper form.

What dream shoes in the dream of Juno?

According to the book of dreams Juno, if a woman sees clean men's shoes, the reality of the expected long journey or long journey in the society of gallant men. It is possible that his relationship with snovidenij acquire intimate nature. If mens shoes a dream – dirty, on the way to meet a lot of difficulties and problems. Perhaps fate is sending snovidenie some kind of test. In this dream interpretation and such an interpretation: new mens shoes – is a fraud on the part of relatives or loved ones that needs to happen in the near future. Old or torn shoes is the upcoming severe illness or even death for someone from the inner circle of the dreamer.

Men's shoes. The Dream Miller

Dreams about how to move falling apart or falling apart men's shoes (sole comes off, falls off the heel), talking about the best changes in life sleeping: not far off some kind of illness of one of family members. That's exactly how it interprets the famous psychologist Gustav Miller in your dreams. According to his interpretations, buy woman shoes in a dream – to unpleasant situations in reality, which will show all their essence and to manifest such traits as aggression, perseverance, and indecency. If the woman in the dream is not just buying shoes, but wearing them over – in reality she would have to take on any male obligations.