The position of esotericism and various dream books

So, why can dream of one and the same person?

If you believe the interpretations of various dream books, there are several reasons for this:

1. A note of caution. Probably, people want to protect her from danger (especially if you dream of a friend).
2. Astral connection. It is possible, for example, in the case that a dream of people close to you in spirit.
3. Love. Perhaps you're just in love with the hero of his sleep and subconsciously remember it.
4. Spell. This means that people with magical powers trying to take control of your heart and mind.
Can be and Vice versa, the person in love with you, and in your dream you receive a sign.

From a scientific point of view, the explanation of dream interpretation maximum mythologized. Their interpretation is largely addressed to women, which is the esoteric interpretations are more likely than men.

Dream the same person: the position of psychology

Psychologists interpret this dream more "down to earth", explaining what is happening as follows:

1. Incomplete Gestalt. Perhaps you and this person have unresolved issues and relationships that torment your consciousness and manifest themselves in dreams.
2. The dream affect your mind. If you often think about this person in reality, do not be frightened at his appearance in the dream.
3. Unmet needs. People often dream of their former or desired love/sexual partners.

Whatever the explanation of the appearance of the same person in your dreams, you should know what to do, to cease to disturb your night's rest.

How to get rid of such sleep

If you dream of a familiar person, tell him what had happened and together think about the reason: unfinished business, news, rare meeting.
If you often encounter this person, but don't know him personally, try to rectify the situation. Perhaps your subconscious requires communication with him.

If you dream of a stranger, try to during sleep to ask him what he wants. Note that you can ask a question in the dream is not so easy, this may require not just one night.

Try to change the situation before the night's rest, some time to sleep in the other room or go at a different time.

After each waking, immediately write down your dreams. Thus, you will be able to mentally switch to a new image, and the annoying "guest" leaves your realm of Morpheus.