Advice 1: What if the husband calls his ex-girlfriend

An unpleasant situation arises in the family, if the husband starts to call his ex-girlfriend. Spouse at such moments begins to feel jealousy, and she often can't understand why the husband can't leave the past behind.
What if the husband calls his ex-girlfriend

Sorry about the lost of love

Talk to your husband and find out who's calling and what's his connection with this girl. Perhaps these calls are completely harmless, and an old friend wanted to, for example, to congratulate your husband on anniversary, a successful career, a replenishment of the family or just called for fun. If this event occurred once, do not worry. However, if you see that the man was acting strange, remains pensive for a long time and starts to give you less time, perhaps, he remembered the past and his feelings for ex-girlfriend, and it is not necessary to ignore.

Find out from the husband of his ex-girlfriend, or ask them to tell his friends. Perhaps his love for her was very strong, and parting with it cost him great effort. A man may be constantly torment doubts about whether he did, in selecting you, and not staying with her. If you leave it unattended, the man can break, and change you, especially if ex-girlfriend not in a relationship.

The conversation

Print man for a Frank conversation and ask them to talk about their feelings. Tell me you do not perceive in bayonets, whatever he said. After that your husband can admit that he didn't let go of feelings for ex-girlfriend. Try to remind him of all the important events that have occurred during your relationship with him. Must be the reason why he broke up with his ex, but he loved you and decided to create with you family. Convince man that it is better to live for the present and the future than to dream of a past that will not return.
Advise your husband to remember all the negative qualities of his ex-girlfriend. It will help him stop doubting the correctness of the choice in relation to you.

Husband pay more attention and take care of it better then when he is preoccupied with a past love. Seeing your care and affection, he might feel better and to settle down, to realize that you are his only love.
Take a trip together on a long journey. This will help to strengthen feelings and will make her husband forget about their negative thoughts.

Take a trip together on a long journey. This will help to strengthen feelings and will make her husband forget about their negative thoughts.

Call your ex-husband and persuade her not to call any more, so as not to irritate you and your spouse. If she wants to be his friend, and the husband is not against this, make sure that this friendship does not turn into an affair. Some time watch how it will behave with the husband and how loving and attentive towards you he will stay.

Advice 2: What if the girl said that we're friends

Every man at least once in your life refused. For anybody not a secret that the phrase "let's stay friends" - a veiled form of denial. It hurts to hear, but that's no reason to give up. What to do if a girl said you were only friends?
What if the girl said that we're friends
First, do not despair. Everyone knows that a woman's "no" is "Yes, but later". Seriously, the girls do quite often are distinguished by extreme inconsistency. Denying you today, tomorrow she might change her mind.
No need to refuse the offer of friendship, citing the fact that you love her and not be friends with her want. Saying this phrase, you may never see that will significantly reduce your chances of getting the girl. Accept the friendship and try to behave as a friend.
When a girl rejects you in a relationship, it is likely that she already has a favorite person. If so, her offer of friendship lies a great opportunity for you. Try to get close to her so that she began to discuss their personal problems. Knowing what she pleased, rather than dissatisfied in your young person, you will learn how to behave with her in the future.
Try to instill yourself as much as possible the traits that she likes and show those that may cause its rejection. Her boyfriend try not to judge or to give only constructive criticism. If you start to convince her that he was no match for her, then she is unlikely to tell you about a personal. In fact yet they are together, and your words will it hurt.
Let her know that you also have a personal life. It could reconsider its refusal, knowing that you might lose. Well, if she has to try hard to make you not just a friend. In this case it will be to appreciate your relationship.

Advice 3: What if the man's not calling

There is no statistical information on how many phones were in a rage thrown out the window or smashed. Most likely, not even considered as a basis for this behavior and watch those excruciating moments when a man your whole life does not ring.
What if the man's not calling
At all times loving, leaving, kept in touch with each other. They wrote letters and sent messengers, they were helped by pigeons and understanding people. Centuries pass, but still important to know everything that's going on with their mate. With the advent of the telephone, much has changed: it became possible to hear the voice of his beloved. Now often expect a letter or a short note, phone call or SMS message.Perhaps, every girl starts to feel anxiety when a loved one is not interested in and do not like about ourselves. To call - because it's so easy! Appears festering soul concern: "why isn't he calling, and if everything is in order"?Interestingly, for women the very fact of the phone call is of great importance. This was confirmed by a number of sociological studies on this topic. It turned out that men and women absolutely have different opinions of telephone communication. For example, from a male point of view, it is not necessary to call immediately after a first date. Moreover, men do not love often long to talk on the phone even with the woman. While the fairer sex are eager to hear a familiar voice after the last meeting. In their opinion, this demonstrates a serious interest men in the development of relations.When you all possible and impossible timelines, a reasonable question arises: what to do? The most effective in this situation is the advice: do not try to find her blessed. If you're too persistent, you can achieve the opposite effect. He'll just try to forget your phone number. Even if the first date is mutually liked and gave a pleasant chat, give time to themselves and to him. According to etiquette, a man may not to remind myself about a week, there is nothing to be ashamed of.Do not be discouraged if your partner doesn't call. The reasons can be myriad: broken phone, some urgent business at work, important trip, etc. moreover, many men do not even think about what for you has a special significance in the fact that it needs to warn you about the possible absence or employment.If your relationship can be called sustainable, then call him. An easy conversation it is easy to attend and enjoy the fellowship. Speaking of which, manm likes it very much. However, try to keep your conversation short. Subsequently, it is better to negotiate with your lover how to react in situations where, for whatever reason, you don't call each other.

Advice 4: What to do if girl does not call

People can not imagine life without a phone. Every day people make calls, write messages. It will be strange and unusual if a day won't arrive any call, especially if we are talking about a long-awaited call from the beloved.
Waiting for a call from his rather painful

Understanding in a relationship

The relationship between a guy and a girl mean: love, Dating, kisses and hugs, long conversations on the phone. You can smell a rat, if she stopped calling and texting. First you need to remember the recent events. Perhaps the girl was offended by some words or actions, and doesn't want to communicate. Women peculiar a long time to hold a grudge and not tell why. Helpful guy immediately recognize the discontent of the girl by one glance or gesture. This is much more difficult at the initial stage of Dating. Not texting, not calling and not answering your phone is a little revenge for inappropriate behavior guy.

Why the girl does not call

We should consider other banal reasons as to why the girl was lost from sight or calls. Maybe she's just nowhere to call, broken phone, stolen, blocked the sim-card, no money in the balance, accidentally deleted the room from the notebook, and the memory doesn't remember him. The person is not insured against such situations. Do not immediately panic, have to find another way to contact the girl to come to her home, to meet from work or after school, to learn about her life through mutual friends.

Sometimes girls don't want to hurt your boyfriend and not tell him in person about the breakup. This news is extremely unpleasant, and do not know how people will react. Therefore, ladies prefer to leave in English, to sever all ties with the young man and continue not to write and not to call. Such an act cannot be called honest. It is best to have the courage to go on a conversation with a guy. To be in limbo is the hardest part.

It is important to make the first move

She can not call because she was embarassed because she didn't want to take the first step. Movies about the knights compelled to mind the young ladies that they have to accept courting from the Cavaliers, to look at, and after a time, render its verdict. But such a policy is not always appropriate if the feeling is mutual. Why not make a step forward, if you really want it. None of this act will not point fingers, but rather that the girl is signalling its clear position in relation to the young man. No need to be afraid and ashamed to Express their feelings.

Advice 5: Why her husband pays little attention

Family life contains both positive and negative points. One of the points that does not like women is the lack of attention from the husband. There is number of reasons.
It is not necessary to Express their grievances to her husband in a rude manner

Employment and leisure

The husband is the main earner funds in the family. He can take most of his time. Accordingly, earnings is its primary purpose. In an effort to fulfill it, a man can devote practically all his time. The main thing for him is positive.

As a consequence of high energy costs on the job, the man, coming home, needs to have rest. In this case, the house becomes a place where you can rest and relax, not only physically, but also psychologically. He simply does not remain forces for home Affairs. In the statement he claims concerning the lack of attention the man gets annoyed. He doesn't understand why the wife is unhappy, as it makes every effort to ensure her and the children. The solution may be a constructive dialogue for which you want to choose the right time. Perhaps it would be better to do this weekend.

Loss of interest

One of the reasons that my husband pays little attention to his wife - loss of interest in her as a woman. This can happen even at the beginning of their life together. This is justified by the fact that the man made the woman and relaxed. He worked the end of the program "Conquest". However, he is absolutely sure that to pay attention to the woman should be only in the process of courtship.

When a long marriage a man may cease to be interested in the wife. This happens because over time they get used to each other so that they cease to perceive their spouse as a sexual object. As a result, lost the need it.

In the case when the wife stops to look after themselves, the husband also fails to pay attention to. Groomed appearance, plump figure, in untidy clothing is unlikely to attract the attention of men. All this, on the contrary, will contribute to the search for new sensations on the side.


Pay attention to their behavior in the family. If you are constantly nervous, raise your voice and Express claims, the husband will avoid communicating with you. The reason for this is it will try to protect itself from nerve-wracking moments. Find a way of correcting their behavior, learn to relax. So not only do you lead your nerves in order, but will also help the husband to find in the family vacation.

If you cannot resolve problems, contact your specialist. Family psychologist will help to find the reasons of misunderstanding of the spouses, as well as give necessary advice on improvement of psychological climate in the family.

Advice 6: How to behave, if the husband has other

When people marry, they hope, will preserve their happiness and love for all life. But sometimes the couple interferes with somebody else, and then the family begin a serious problem.
How to behave, if the husband has other
Before taking any action, verify that the husband indeed has a mistress. Let's watch his behavior. If it's on a phone call, leaves the room, would often spend weekends supposedly "friends", has been delayed after work, not interested in the problems of the family - rather, he was interested in another woman. But to clarify everything accurately can only be a Frank conversation. 're gonna cheat and say that you called a strange girl and admitted in connection with her husband. Let's see how he will behave. If easy, I would say that this is someone's joke, he loves only you, then most likely rival you imagined. And if you start to make excuses to make trouble, shouting that he was framed, etc., so the reason for the experience really is.
After the conversation, do not take hasty decisions. If you want to keep the family together - we must act subtly. Pretend to believe my husband about the lack of a rival. But do think about why the faithful went "left." Most likely, you changed a lot after the wedding - relaxed, got fat, stopped to care for themselves. You don't have surprises and not interested in what my husband at the shower. It is this inattention to yourself and the lack of interest in the partner and pushed wife on the adventure. To return it to the family, you will have to change completely. Be a perfect woman - beautiful, slender, sexy, well-groomed, popular, caring and passionate. After seeing your transformation, the husband must return to his family.
It is not necessary to call a rival and scandal. To anything good it will not. She will tell her husband about it. He gets mad, more at myself for not being able to cover their campaigns. And that anger will push him to serious decisions. Or he can stay in the family, deciding that the best wife no one. Or will go to another, realizing that to stay with his wife no longer can. If you are not confident in their abilities, do not let the opponent to understand that I know about it. When you converted, conversation with her is not required, the husband himself will break this relationship.

Advice 7: How often do women cheat on men

Society often believes that adultery is an exclusively male prerogative. But this is not so. Women cheating on their partners if not more, then certainly no less than representatives of the stronger sex. Here are the reasons of such actions they are a little different.
How often do women cheat on men
Women are by nature very amorous. That is why the majority of marital betrayals. If men cheat when they want sex, the fairer sex do it when they want love. It often happens that the couple have been living in a happy marriage, but their relationship will eventually lose brightness and saturation. This couple looks quite happy and satisfied with life, but actually between them gradually growing abyss. The woman ceases to feel the love, so her emotions fade away. It was at this point in her life may appear a man who will pierce her heart with a sudden arrow of love. Everything is beautiful, bright and reckless. Family life goes according to plan, and parallel to the flourishing love.
The first time the woman is very difficult to decide on treason. It will be a long time to weigh your decision from all sides. It can take months or even years until a woman crossed the threshold of the bedroom of another man. But if a woman have committed such an act once, most likely, it will be followed by the second. Next the girl could possibly enter in a rage that every week she would come up with various excuses to leave the house and enjoy the caresses of her lover. The frequency with which changes a woman in love can not be traced. It all depends on the extent of her ingenuity and the boundaries of trust of her husband.
Unlike lovers, prudent women cheat on their husbands are much less likely. They cheating only happens on occasion.
For example, the woman wanted a new coat. And then she remembers that there is a man who is willing to pay more for her love. And she calls him and hints at a night of love in exchange for an expensive fur coat. These women cannot be called corrupt just because they are more fun to live. Introduced a variety of intimate life, returned home with new clothes, you can continue to live in peace as long as the head appear again any crazy idea for which implementation will need a rich boyfriend.
Each woman decides for herself whether she wants to remain faithful to her husband or her taste more variety. And how often to visit lover – it depends on the purposes for which it uses it. However, there are statistics that was revealed during a sociological survey on one of the women's Internet portals. The study found that 17% of women 100% still ready for marital betrayal, 70% prefer to remain faithful to his beloved, and the rest decided to refrain from the answer.

Advice 8: How to Dating a married man

Men often have Affairs on the side. They are not always worried about your relationship, but girls sometimes have questions about how to chat with a married man.
How to Dating a married man

How to behave with a married man?

If you have decided on a relationship with a man who has a family, you initially have to be prepared for the fact that sooner or later, your novel will end. Try not to get attached to the lover, do not impose on him, do not build plans for the future together and don't ask questions about his feelings. The man having a wife is unlikely to want from his mistress something more than just sex. Be realistic and do not look at your relationship through rose-colored glasses.

Try not to let a married lover in my life. No need to acquaint him with your friends and buddies with their parents and children. It is not necessary for you or him. Do not insist on acquaintance with his loved ones.

Limit the number of your meetings and not take the initiative about additional dates. If you initially know that this representative of the stronger sex will go from your life as suddenly as he had entered it, gather all your forces in a fist and refrain from deep feelings towards him.

What to do to your relationship with a married man was not disclosed?

Remember that during the affair with a man who has a family, you should behave very carefully, otherwise his wife can all guess. Going on a date with your lover, try not to use makeup with glitter, lipstick and perfume, otherwise his wife will surely feel the smell of another woman. Her suspicions provoke a serious conversation with husband. after which it can to move away from you.

In any case, do not write to the representative of the stronger sex provocative messages on a mobile phone, don't call him at a time when he can be near his wife. In addition, that the wife can smell a rat, your lover certainly have a negative attitude to the fact that you bother him at a bad time.

In recent years, people often use social networking sites, and if your man was in one of them, no need to put grades on all his pictures. without an end to visit his page, add a friend or send him gifts. Any attention from the outside unfamiliar women can cause resentment lawful spouse.

Never forget in the car of her lover lipstick, gloves, scarves or other things that will be able to compromise.
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