Advice 1: What dreams cheating boyfriend

Impressionable people are able to perceive events that occur in dreams, very seriously. Sometimes the dream can become a cause of quarrel or of the occurrence of distrust of the man. Of course, to interpret a dream event literally not worth it. If you dream you witness the infidelity of her boyfriend, not in a hurry to sort things out. Such dreams in many cases have nothing to do with love and family.
To dream of treason

General points

The fact that the infidelity dream is a bad sign. If you saw your loved one is cheating on you, then in real life you should be more careful. Perhaps you are too trusting and often share your secrets with complete strangers. Don't be frivolous and take a look at his surroundings. Some of your friends only depicts a close friend or girlfriend.

If you are familiar with the woman's cheating boyfriend, then try to reconsider their views on life. Many of your dreams are simple ambitions that will come true in the near future.

If you can't see the face of the opponent or sure you don't know this woman, then get ready for change. You have to go through a lot of difficulties and to face the unexpected unpleasant discoveries.

If a woman dreams of her husband's infidelity, then this dream has a dual interpretation. On the one hand, the dream suggests that you have a strong and strong-willed character. On the other – you need to keep your temperament, most likely, you are too demanding and selfish.

Important nuances

A great role for the correct interpretation of the dream plays the behavior of your boyfriend. If he's repented and trying to achieve your favor, the reality is that you will be successful. You will be able to eliminate competitors and to repel aggressors.

If the man feels guilty and even confesses to you in a dream that changed on purpose or for revenge, be sure that your real family life be long and happy.

Some dreams indicate that cheating men in a dream can result in unwarranted charges in real life. Analyze their behavior and try not to give your partner cause for jealousy.

If a man is cheating on you with a woman of easy virtue, prepare for the fact that in real life someone will want you to embarrass, ridicule or publicly humiliated.

Differences in the interpretation of sleep

Before you interpret treason, think about the situation that has developed in your life. If in fact you suspect the guy is cheating, then the dream may be a simple embodiment of your fears, because you think about it constantly. If adultery had no particular reason, you can learn the signs that fate sends you.

Dream of may not only the cheating, but also recognition of the guy in it. If the man in the dream tells you frankly that he had made a mistake, in real life, you can rejoice – you have a perfect partner, who never for a moment forgets about you.

Advice 2 : What dreams, how changed the girl

Basically, the interpretation of such dreams does not imply future treason on the part of men or women. Dreams related to men's cheating, could portend unpleasant changes in life. For a more detailed interpretation should be addressed to the sleeper.
Cheating in a dream does not Bode well
What a dream to change the girl? The Dream Miller

Such a dream warns a man about the future problems with the law – can be charged with violation of the current legislation. Of course, the actual term of imprisonment is not threatened, however this situation could significantly undermine the career of a dreamer and at the root to ruin some plans for the future. Therefore, soon after this dream the man recommended to keep abreast of and be aware of all their actions.
Change in sleep with a girl of easy virtue – the problems with the fair sex. The fact that in reality a man can have the temerity to speak impartially in a Sorority on a particular issue, and this will stir up the wrath of the fairer sex. Besides the dream about male infidelity may signal the blurring of the mind of the dreamer to his imaginary friends. You need to be careful!
Dream about male infidelity. Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud, interpreting dreams, do not bother with unnecessary philosophy. According to him, men's infidelity its second half in a dream indicates a clear desire of a man to take this step in real life or indicates they have committed a sin. This dream may be a dream and the man who doesn't cheat on his girlfriend or wife, but really wanted to do it.
Sometimes Sigmund Freud interprets what he saw as a lack of attention from your sexual partner. The psychologist advises the men, constantly watching such dreams, to diversify their sexual relationship. Particularly desperate Freud advises to try passionate sex with a stranger, and to experiment in various "exotic" places.
Cheating in a dream. Dream Interpretation Vanga

According to the interpretation Vanga, a wild desire to change its second half, visited man in a dream, demonstrates his intimate sufferings, about his inferiority complex in front of strange women. But here the important thing! If in the dream the man wanted, but not changed to praise: Wang argues that strength of will such people not to take success and recognition awaits them in the future.
If the dreamer still has changed its second half in a dream, the reality of it will be bad: problems will fall on him one after another and the collapse of all plans will drive the dreamer into a deep depression. In addition, between him and his second half will discord, feelings are cool. The black bar in your life will last a long time, but in the end, all wrongs will etroleum and disperse. On the horizon will be a new love.
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