The connection of dreams about a lover in real life

No matter whether married woman or free if something goes wrong in her relationships with men, it will appear in night dreams. May, day, female, busy daily activities, subconsciously pushes inside the thought of any actual or alleged betrayal of the man she loved. Or just that the relations have recently become some kind of tense, or it suffers a lack of a relationship with a man at all.
Women in a dream can have not only their real lovers, but unknown men.

Options troubled relationships a lot, and at night, when the mind is not in control of thoughts, they are intricately woven into the pattern of sleep. In any case, if you dream you had a dream about your lover, you need to perform all of the dream in the following interpretations.

The specific interpretation of each dream story about a lover

The dream Miller a married woman dreams like this, if she does in life can fulfill his desire. But for free girls this means a real meeting the person who will play a big role in her life.

If the lover in the dream, unpleasant, clearly you will be in trouble from one who has plans for you. Dream as lover's male friend as it warns that it is necessary to the end to find out everything unsaid. And a stranger means that your inner tension will cause trouble near and it's time to find a sexual partner.
A large number of lovers in a dream means that you are simply tired, need more time to give yourself, not the business.

In your dream interpretation miss Hasse's interpretation: to dream of a lover or lead a conversation with him is a sign of happiness in marriage.

In "the full interpretation of 200,000 dreams" Olga Smurova dream of a joyful, elegant lover will bring you tidings from it. If it looks unusual, know that soon he you something new. To see that he was dressed in what was the first day of meeting, the parting means. A lover who can't get dressed with you for a long time yet would not take decisions about you. If the lover looks old – he's tired of you young – you give him a lot of energy. A dream about a former lover said about a new meeting or even proposal, and the man will be something similar to the old. Lover in your house – a good sign, which is the harbinger of what a man will soon come into your life.