Advice 1: What dream guy

Dreams about your favorite or any guy they see for one reason only: their sympathy is so strong that it finds expression even in dreams.
What dream guy

Reasons why a girl dream of any guy

Girl wants to see guy, to find out whether mutual sympathy, she constantly thinks about the object of his adoration. All that remains in her subconscious. As you know, your subconscious and your dreams. For these reasons, girls often enough in your dreams you see those guys they like and with whom they want to spend all my free time. But every dream is about this guy has a definite value, explain which will help any existing dream.

What it means to sleep with the girl was any young man

If a girl dreams that any guy gives her a huge and beautiful bouquet of white roses, maybe this means that soon these two people will meet, reminiscent of a date.
And, even if the girl doesn't like flowers, meeting all the same, be, and the romance hover in the ambient air.

If a girl dreams that the guy leading her somewhere by the hand, it most likely means that it will take a little time, and a guy with a girl will become a couple. However, in reality, do not try to rush things. Everything should happen naturally. It is better to leave it as is, as all the time.

There are dreams in which is any guy and smiles, looking at the girl. So he wants to pay her compliments, and other nice words. This may mean shyness of the guy that the girl should wait.
Maybe she could somehow, very gently push the young man to a more bold and decisive action.

A quarrel in a dream warns the girl that she should not make reckless statements, and need to be more discreet. Maybe she will be able to solve a real problem any mild expression or quote. If in the dream the guy finds out his girlfriend is likely this dream warns a woman that the man was cheating on her. Should abandon the guy and let him go. It is not necessary to hold a grudge against him. She will meet someone else.

If the girl dream of any guy and he invites her for a walk, so he tries in real life to know if this girl feels something for him more than ordinary sympathy. So she should think about the genuine sincerity of their feelings. The guy who called the girl in the dream by name, really in love with her.

Advice 2: How do you know that the guy is cheating on you

The betrayal of a loved one is always shocking and leaves in the soul a bitter sense of betrayal. Especially frustrating is that often girls learn about the latest cheating their Boyfriends. Not to be in such a bad situation, watch your favorite. His deception can give the signs, indirectly pointing to treason. Keep in mind that a single symptom is not enough. The more signs of infidelity you find, the more you have reasons to assume the existence of a rival.
Sad to know about the change last
The most obvious sign of infidelity is, of course, a sharp change in your relationship. This is usually noticeable cooling on the part of man, although in some cases, when a guy feels the guilt, you may experience the reverse situation. He begins giving unexpected gifts and tries to please you, while having a guilty look.
Define treason on this basis, as suddenly manifested workaholism. For example, your guy often delayed at work and is always busy on the weekend. Perhaps he really is busy work, but it may be that he covers their infidelity, or even had an affair with a colleague.
Bright enough signs of infidelity boyfriend – increased attention to their appearance, previously not peculiar to him. He is constantly preening, gains many new trendy and stylish things began to actively go to the gym (although I did not go there). Of course, all this guy can do for you, but if you've been together long enough, most likely, he's trying to impress another girl.
Very easy to identify the betrayal, looking the guy in the mobile phone. Surely there will be calls and SMSes from your opponent. However, if you the opponent of such methods, just observe how your boyfriend treats his phone. You should be alerted if he did not part with his mobile phone (for example, takes it even to the bathroom), and guides conversations so that you did not hear them, or all evening exchanged with someone texting.
To know about the change will help his attitude to sex. If a guy is cheating with someone on the side, most likely, the frequency of your sexual encounters will decrease. Also, pay attention to his behavior in bed. Signs of infidelity in this case is the sudden appearance of a variety of new "stuff" (there's your guy they learned?) or Vice versa uncharacteristic monotony in bed and obvious boredom.
If the guy is a machine, to define treason can be "forgotten" in her other girl things (underwear, lipstick) and position adjacent with the driver seat adjusted is clearly not for you.
If you live together, on their guard, when a guy spends a lot of time at the computer while switching tabs in the browser or collapsing the window "ICQ" in your approach.
Or, on the contrary, always simply your husband suddenly become so gentle, sensitive, loving, began to fill you with gifts, compliments that you used to hear 4 times in a year in the Dr, in the new year, a wedding anniversary, on March 8. 3. Answer the question: how can you tell if man is cheating? It was a lot of time to devote to work - constant negotiations, meetings, urgent work.
Useful advice
She's in shock, and we think he is a finished scoundrel, selfish and totally uncool type. Is that right? And the fact of change inherent depravity of man. Or his behavior affected by something else? Why guys cheat on girls? Why guys cheat on girls. Psychologists say that it is not uncommon for men's infidelity, on the contrary, has served to strengthen the relationship. The girl and the guy begin to understand that you can lose a loved one.

Advice 3: How to determine what guy's in love with you

Love comes quietly and quickly: just yesterday, you were just friends or did not know about the existence of each other, and today you shudder at the sound of that voice. Women used to trust their ears, but men, unfortunately, do not hurry with the confessions, even if the feelings already for anybody not a secret. However, to understand that the guy is in love with you before he decides to open conversation.
How to determine what guy's in love with you
If a man looks you straight in the eye, so he's more than determined towards you. If you are willing to reciprocate, try to make eye contact.
Crazy feeling of love is always associated with erotic attraction. So, most likely, not indifferent to you man to show overt interest in you. It's not about the vulgar harassment, and involuntary gestures, outstanding desire. These include widely spaced legs laid over the strap thumbs, shaking, stroking of the hair. But, paradoxically, truly a man in love is not going to force things, until you give him a sign. He will wait for a moment of intimacy as much as you ask, because it combines the passion with an infinitely gentle attitude.
In the first stage of the relationship, the man worships the woman and most of all afraid to scare her off. Therefore, if a buddy or colleague could tell you a dirty joke, rude joke, or to afford a strong word, and has now become perfectly courteous, probably not far off the offer to have dinner.
The man with whom you begin a novel, carried away to your favorite rock group, French poetry, engaged in your beloved drawing with sand or kite-surfing? I think he's in love. After all, it is this sense of pushing for feats, when you want to learn more about what lives your half.
Love is different from love in the same way as winning the lottery – from a stable income. The first is the result of random coincidence, a gift of fate, second – the result of hard work, their efforts and talents. Don't scroll your winnings and invest it in the construction of the building of your love, then everything will work.
Useful advice
If the feeling is mutual, why not take all that distinguishes a man in love. You have the power to make a story as long as possible. The main thing is not to abuse the location men and most do not skimp on the tenderness and attention.

Advice 4: What a dream fight with a loved one

Some dream books interpret the quarrel with a loved one as a negative dream. Their creators believe that this is a sign of a quick fight in real life, a symbol of the emergence of the next portion of dirty gossip, or even the occurrence of certain trouble. The main thing in this dream, according to some dreams, to make peace: this greatly softens the "sentence" that fate has already made. You should look in other books of dreams.
A quarrel with your loved ones in the dream may be a reflection of current events!

What a dream fight with someone you love? General interpretation

Many dream books have to say about these paintings is the opposite: the coming tryst. In particular, the Austrian psychologist, Sigmund Freud did not exclude the possibility of coitus when in reality the first date after such a dream. Evgeny Tsvetkov interprets such a dream as the loss of something very important in the life of the dreamer. Ukrainian dream book generally portends big trouble that, in fact, is not surprising.

According to modern dream interpretation, quarrel with a loved ones dream of at the moment of the reality of some strong and friendly relations, as well as in obtaining high status in a particular society. The French dream is also positively interprets the quarrel of two lovers in the near future there will be good news. It is not excluded receive valuable gifts from the hands of respected people. Unfortunately, women's dream speaks of such dreams as impending misfortunes, and the grandiose scandals.

What dreams quarrel with your darling? The book of dreams Longo

If such dreams I see young girls, they should beware: in reality coming long period of constant problems and failures. The black strip will come by itself, so myself and leave. The girls can only wait. Married women are dreams of the promise of family discord, turmoil or even divorce! In the first and in the second cases it will be preceded by a prolonged affair.

What are psychologists?

Experts say that any dream that had bright emotional colouring, of course, carries some information, it is extremely important to its owner. Psychologists do not recommend to ignore these dreams, but I do not advise to go on about dream books! According to them, you need to soberly analyze the situation, which in reality is a loved one.

The fact that the dream argument is not a prophecy. This may indicate a reflection of the current relationship between the dreamer and his other half. Most likely, such a relationship simply has ceased to hold the owner of sleep (and possibly both beloved) in reality.

If, for example, the situation is red-hot to the limit, the problems of love nature is long overdue, and about to explode "bomb", the human brain, of course, is in full combat readiness. A person thinks about love problems, worries, feels some discomfort both day and night. It is not surprising that the current situation results in unpleasant dreams.

Advice 5: What a dream, like a girl changes

Dreams about cheating has always been a symbol of any quick changes. Prediction of certain dreams"traitors" are directly dependent on the smallest detail seen by the dreamer. To help explain these pictures will help dreams.
Dreams about infidelity from the girl basically does not Bode well
The most common dream about infidelity from his girlfriend is to catch her in the act. Some commentators, among them Gustav Miller, argue that soon the dreamer or his family will have to become a party to any litigation. The participant role is not specified: it can be both the witness and the plaintiff and even defendant. Often dreams are about how girls change, the promise of the usual innuendo and misunderstanding. Dream interpretation Vanga says that cheating girls in the dream promises problems in a professional field.
According to Sigmund Freud, treason by his girlfriend or wife suggests that the dreamer is constantly tormented himself with doubts about this. It seems that in reality the beloved is eager to go to the left. This interpretation is rather psychological than prophetic aspect. The dreamer needs to speak with his lover and try to dot the "I". According to the family dream book, female infidelity, which did not manage to prove, tells about some experiences on the part of the owner of the dream. Maybe in real life he fiddles with it skillfully. If in a dream to see only the desire of his girlfriend to change with someone, but not the fact of this, it speaks of strong will and a healthy the power of the spirit of the dreamer.
Great dream book interprets as treason on the part of the beautiful half of humanity. It is a reflection of the credulity of the dreamer, which in reality someone easily abused. This "someone", perhaps, is the second half. If men dream about their wife cheating on them with best friends, the reality of this is evidence of imminent cooling of the feelings with the husband. If dreamt my girlfriend seduces the young guy, the reality of the coming scandals and breakup for an incredibly stupid reason. According to the Hasse dream book, to dream of treason favorite for big obstacles and difficulties in life. It is not excluded that all this will benefit the dreamer: he will become stronger, will find true friends, etc.
Psychologists say that cheating in the dream is an empty phrase. Psychological factor plays an important role in life: people often dream of their fears. In other words, not yet born the man who would not worry about the potential infidelity of his second half or would suspect it. As they say at dog lover: bitch do not want – dog does not jump. These thoughts often haunt some of the guys and husbands. Night they most likely projected their subconscious, turning into an unpleasant dream.

Advice 6: What a dream fight

To see a fight in a dream as unpleasant as be a participant in reality. According to the commentators most of the dream books, the quarrel may dream of the people having an internal conflict with self.
What a dream fight

Love dream interpretation: fighting dream

According to this dream book, for people who are at odds, such a dream means imminent and final reconciliation. In addition, a quarrel in a dream can mean a new outbreak of love, and the passionate spark between swearing. A dream in which the dreamer is accused or blamed for something, suggests that all that haunts him in reality, and therefore need to speak with the offenders, knowing the essence of the problem to the end. It is not necessary in a further step on the same rake.

The quarrel family dream book

The family dream interpreters claim that a young and unmarried girl fight in a dream foretells troubles, and married a lady of family strife that could escalate into a divorce. If the dreamer just watching someone's fight from the side, then this dream promises him a professional failure and disappointment in performance.

Dream interpretation Miller: the quarrel

According to the dream Miller, a quarrel in a dream promise big scandals and misfortunes in reality. A quarrel in a dream with a stranger suggests that the dreamer oppress and destroy his unrealized plans. To dream of a quarrel with the husband or wife – to future worries and concerns. Unhappy sleep Gustav Miller calls a dream in which there is a hassle with a boyfriend or girlfriend. He predicts the pair breakup.

If the dreamer in a dream quarrel with a friend – it promises to him in a long journey. A quarrel in a dream with my mom predicts someone close to you is the dreamer's challenge, and often serious illness. If you dream of a quarrel with his father - life will result in a new and unexpected direction.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century: what had a hassle?

The interpreters of the dreams say that his quarrel with anyone in the waking dream promises friendship and a strong social position. A quarrel between a man and a woman heralds a new outbreak of love. To be a witness of another conflict in a dream – to long-term trouble at work.

Dream interpretation miss Hasse: people fight

According to this dream book, a dream in which a person takes part in the quarrel, often comes true literally. Therefore, in the next few days after seeing it is not necessary to sort things out with anyone. If you dream of a quarrel between some unknown people – awake the dreamer will become a victim of someone else's mistake.

French dream: cursing

The French interpreters of dreams assert that to take part in the fight – a sign of loyalty to friends, proving that in difficult times. A dream in which fighting men, portends jealousy. If in the dream, fighting women, the dreamer prophesied to be the evil of prejudice. To dream of a quarrel between children - to become in reality a member of the big celebration and to have fun from the soul.

Advice 7: What dreams, how changed the girl

Basically, the interpretation of such dreams does not imply future treason on the part of men or women. Dreams related to men's cheating, could portend unpleasant changes in life. For a more detailed interpretation should be addressed to the sleeper.
Cheating in a dream does not Bode well
What a dream to change the girl? The Dream Miller

Such a dream warns a man about the future problems with the law – can be charged with violation of the current legislation. Of course, the actual term of imprisonment is not threatened, however this situation could significantly undermine the career of a dreamer and at the root to ruin some plans for the future. Therefore, soon after this dream the man recommended to keep abreast of and be aware of all their actions.
Change in sleep with a girl of easy virtue – the problems with the fair sex. The fact that in reality a man can have the temerity to speak impartially in a Sorority on a particular issue, and this will stir up the wrath of the fairer sex. Besides the dream about male infidelity may signal the blurring of the mind of the dreamer to his imaginary friends. You need to be careful!
Dream about male infidelity. Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud, interpreting dreams, do not bother with unnecessary philosophy. According to him, men's infidelity its second half in a dream indicates a clear desire of a man to take this step in real life or indicates they have committed a sin. This dream may be a dream and the man who doesn't cheat on his girlfriend or wife, but really wanted to do it.
Sometimes Sigmund Freud interprets what he saw as a lack of attention from your sexual partner. The psychologist advises the men, constantly watching such dreams, to diversify their sexual relationship. Particularly desperate Freud advises to try passionate sex with a stranger, and to experiment in various "exotic" places.
Cheating in a dream. Dream Interpretation Vanga

According to the interpretation Vanga, a wild desire to change its second half, visited man in a dream, demonstrates his intimate sufferings, about his inferiority complex in front of strange women. But here the important thing! If in the dream the man wanted, but not changed to praise: Wang argues that strength of will such people not to take success and recognition awaits them in the future.
If the dreamer still has changed its second half in a dream, the reality of it will be bad: problems will fall on him one after another and the collapse of all plans will drive the dreamer into a deep depression. In addition, between him and his second half will discord, feelings are cool. The black bar in your life will last a long time, but in the end, all wrongs will etroleum and disperse. On the horizon will be a new love.

Advice 8: What a dream kiss with a familiar man

If you dream of a kiss or something more with a simple friend, with whom in real life, no romantic relationship, you do not associate, it is an occasion guard. It is possible to several interpretations, and only you, relying on intuition to decide which of them is correct.
What a dream kiss with a familiar man

The unresolved

A dream in which you dream that you are kissing with the familiar man, but not with a lover, usually indicates that you have a problem and you are still unable to solve it. If this man familiar to you, then some will have to point you to the root of the problem that bothers you. Think about what the main qualities this person has, in your opinion, deserve attention. Not necessarily positive, point out the existing problem can, in particular, and the negative side of this man.

Kiss means that the problem is even if you don't think about her, closing her eyes and trying to solve it, still affects you quite strongly. The closer you are to a man, the more is affecting you this situation. Try to understand what is the root concern, and then to look at all from the other side.

Be careful with this man

Kiss with a familiar person with whom you have no personal relationship, can talk about the fact that it is worth paying close attention. You need to try to understand what are his true intentions and feelings for you? He's probably hiding something. And you don't have something good, may have a negative attitude to you in secret.

If you kiss him passionately or gently, it can say that soon his attitude towards you will change a lot, and if you are friends or buddies, it could turn out that he will be your enemy or ill-wisher.

To kiss with a friend who you like or don't like

If you have a friend a man who is nice to you, but there's nothing there, then kiss him in the dream can hardly be a good sign. Most likely, you will be disappointed in it.

But it may be true that a kiss with him – that is your real desire, which was realized in a dream. Trying to interpret dreams, to trust your feelings. Each person has its own particular interpretation of dreams, because no dream can not predict your personal associations and desires.

When you kiss someone you don't like it, then it is important what feelings you experience in the dream. Dislike: your bad attitude now and in the future they will only get worse, reconciliation is inconceivable. The warmth and tenderness: it is possible that you are too harsh attitude towards this man, and in the future, you can establish friendly relations.

Advice 9: How to understand whether you like the guy or not

Sometimes it is not easy to understand your own feelings. It is difficult to say exactly what about human sympathy or love. But if you listen to your feelings, you can understand yourself and to decide with feelings.
How to understand whether you like the guy or not

Signs that a guy is interesting

When you are near the young man, appears unusual for you shyness. You are afraid to say superfluous word, not to look silly in his eyes. Thoughts are confused, and difficult to focus on what is happening.

The themes themselves move on to a discussion of the object of love. You with admiration tell about his jokes and antics. Trying to find friends opinion of him and his friends to elicit information about it. It can sometimes manifest itself unconsciously, and you not notice for a such signs. Ask a close friend, not too often glimpsed in your conversations to his name.

You carefully listen to his stories. With interest learn his preferences, favorite movies, games, music or books. Then studying, trying in this way to understand it better. Trying to find common interests and topics to start a conversation and get a little closer to him.

At night you dream of romantic dreams with his participation. Sometimes the subconscious mind understands feelings much quicker of mind and suggests a solution through dreams. But sometimes it can be caused by your thoughts on like the guy or not. So you try on him the role of the beloved and to assess their reaction to it.

Signs that a guy likes

However, there is a small line between "just cute" and "really like." All of the above symptoms show that you are interested in the young man, but does not show love. But if, in addition to them, you notice for themselves and the following symptoms, feelings are definitely there.

All his jokes seem to be funny even if you laugh at them alone. Each story captivates you, are you ready to listen to him all day. Try to chose your meetings to "accidentally" meet and look at it once a minute.

If he touches you, even by accident, the heart begins to beat faster. You may feel dizzy and cheeks appear to glow from excitement.

Your gaze keeps returning to the object of love. Even if he is behind you, you will try to find a reason to look around and discreetly throw at him. But if you meet eyes, excitedly averting your gaze to the side.

If you still doubt my feelings for you, add a little imagination. Imagine that he kisses you. Do you feel disgust? Or this idea seems nice exciting and desirable? But if instead of a kiss to imagine the bed scene? Find answers to these questions, and then you will be able to understand their feelings.
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