Kissing with a guy. The Dream Miller

According to the dream book of Miller kissing with her lover guy means noble and sincere attitude, which will not change even with time. But if the kiss happens in the dark, it indicates imminent danger, the debauchery and the loss of respect from others. Kissing in a dream foretells a strange guy immoral and immoral actions in reality. Kiss with the enemy, on the contrary, promises success to reconcile with a good friend. If a young girl dreams of as she was caught in a kiss with a guy, the reality of her friends will be imaginary and will take bold actions towards her.

Kiss a guy. Dream interpretation miss Hasse

According to these interpreters, to kiss a boy in a dream promises snovidenie finding of a strong relationship with the representatives of the stronger sex, and the emergence of sincere feelings towards one of them. Kiss in the dream her husband is a spiritual harmony that will never leave the house of the couple. If the guy kisses the girl in the dream turns out to be her brother, it is a sign of fun, celebration and future pleasures from the good and strong friendship.

Kiss in dream interpretation from A to z

According to the dream dictionary from A to z, girls the dream in which they kiss with her lover, promises a speedy and successful marriage. If kiss a guy dream guy, it portends him with a series of problems and failures in personal life and at work. If a woman dreams that her kisses ugly and unpleasant guy, the reality to achieve the desired it will be possible only through strong self-control and patience. But if the stranger is pleasant snovidenie - increased attention from the male sex in reality it provided.

Modern dream interpretation. What kiss a guy?

Modern interpreters of dreams foretell a young, single girl, who saw in a dream a kiss with a guy, new relationship and perhaps new love. If the girl dream a kiss with a guy she is already in a relationship, it means a lack of romance in her life. She should work on improving your relationship with your partner and to try to bring to them a new and vivid feelings.

Kissing with a guy. Interpretation according to Freud

According to Sigmund Freud, a passionate kiss in the dream with her partner means that his intentions are in respect of snovideni pure and sincere. He will always be faithful to his beloved. If a girl dreams that her boyfriend kissing a strange man, this picture promises her imminent appearance in real life opponent or opponents and even possible treason. If navideca herself kissing a total stranger, it portends her thoughtless and reckless behavior in reality, which can lead to loneliness.