A man courting a girl in only two cases, when likes or when he wants to achieve something. As you are lovers, he's not trying you to get intimacy, it's already there. And if he continues to provide signs of attention when she tells me compliments often, hugs, kisses, admires you, so he is not indifferent. It is important to see, it makes it formally or with emotions, if he gets himself this pleasure? If all his words are the same standard, if he does not invest in them the soul, it shows.
A loving man does not insult his woman. He is polite and courteous. In his voice, no sarcasm, he's not trying to hurt the feelings of a woman. Of course, humor may be present, but not evil, but kind and gentle. If he can say rude, if sometimes breaks down, allows himself profanity in your address, then feelings need to be put into question.
Man trying to please his even any questions. This can be expressed in a gentle massage, coffee in bed, a good gifts or solving any issues. If he's trying to do to you was okay, then it's real. You can check this easily, ask him to solve your problem, and see his reaction. Love will try his best to save his lady. Indifferent a man may ignore or even forget about what you need to do.
Behavior in bed says a lot about feelings. If he only satisfies his desire, if he forgets about the pleasures of a woman, then emotions are not so strong. Usually like people try to give pleasure, and only then think about yourself. If his goal is sex, then it is important to obtain as much as possible, and most importantly. And if you refuse to make love, will he communicate with you? Gives him joy just by your presence or sex mandatory? Love ready just to sit and wait.
Nitpicking is also a sign that the man does not like. If his annoying words and deeds, if he constantly criticizes you and demand you should look. A loving man, and if trying to change something, offers all the soft, unobtrusive. If coercion occurs, if the increased voice, feelings or did not arise or have already passed. Of course, a single failure is no indication, as the fault may be tired, but have a fixed place in the negative may not be a sign of a great feelings.