Advice 1: How to determine that he is in love with you

To understand whether he is in love with you, or just feels friendly sympathy, sometimes it's not easy. Some men, for various reasons, can send girls mixed signals so that it is easier to decipher spyware report, than to understand their intentions. On the one hand, you would never want to be in a compromising position, to seem obsessive or desperate. On the other, so you want to know what he feels. What to do? Look and listen to him carefully.
How to determine that he is in love with you
You will need
  • Interest
  • Observation
  • Elementary knowledge from the field of psychology
Pay attention to his body language.
When a man is interested in a woman, he tries to be as close as possible to it. During a conversation turns to the companion of his whole body, leans in her direction, catching her gaze. Being on the other end of the room, it will still from time to time to try to make eye contact with you.
Catch his glance for yourself and pay close attention to the pupils. If they dilate at the sight of you, he definitely feels attracted to. Keep in mind that your eyes, if you like what you see, with the same readiness will give you to him.
Watch his behavior.
Seeing an attractive woman for him, the man starts to behave as a peacock. He straightens her hair, tie, cufflinks, zipper pulls on the jacket and otherwise preening. If a woman far away from him, he unwittingly begins to raise his voice in conversation to attract her attention. Gradually it will move around the room to be closer to that which it entails. This behavior is almost impossible to take control because it is inherent in us by nature. Because it we are just males and females, following the instincts.
Compare his behavior.
Pay attention to how he behaves with other girls. If it is equally uninhibited with everyone all trying to put his arm around her, laughing, before each "fluttering her tail," this is a bad sign. But if he is all relaxed and natural, and you are timid and shy, it is an indicator that you are more important to him than others.
Analyze what he is talking to you.
If he asks more of you than talking about himself, he's definitely in love. It is only the object of passion may be of interest to more than himself. If he in interested in your interests then you definitely cause him concern. If he teases you a little, he wants guaranteed to capture all your attention.
Take a look and listen to others.
Usually someone from the our love more visible than the one in whom we love. If his friends tease him when you're around, they either know, or notice something you miss.

Advice 2 : How to check what the guy likes

For proofs of the love the girls words are not enough. The phrase "I love you" could be a lie. The actions of men far more eloquent about his feelings.
How to check what the guy likes

The test of loyalty

A loving man does not want to sacrifice the trust of his girlfriend for the sake of fleeting connection. You can ask pretty girlfriend to flirt with her. Importantly, they never intersect. Let her come to him in the club, in a cafe or in the Park, will try to meet you. A guy who truly loves, for such attempts will meet with a polite refusal. But if he is willing to join in the conversation and begin flirting, it is unlikely that experiencing strong feelings.

To check the man of loyalty will help the social network. We need to create a fake account, to choose for avatar photo girls, as consistent with sexual fantasies of experimental men. Be added to his friends or just strike up an active dialogue. And then to analyse the messages and draw conclusions.

Check for reliability

In all Russian fairy tales Princess experienced their suitors, forcing them to carry sometimes very risky assignment. Modern girl in this might take example from them. The willingness to do something for girls, donating your time is an absolute indicator of the love the guy. Requests can invent the most different. Pick a night from the club. To help dig up the garden in the garden with my grandmother. To find online material for the essay. Obbegat all the shops in search of Mandarin chocolate ice cream.

The test of generosity

The man gladly spends money on the girl he loved. As a test, you can contact the guy asking for help to choose dress for any occasion. If the store he will defiantly admire the outfits of "economy class", roll your eyes when you look at the price tag or even will have to wait until the girl will pay the purchase – most likely, he does not see her next to him in the long run.

However, it is not the most reliable way to learn, loves the guy. Maybe he just had no money, and he can't afford to buy dresses. And maybe Vice versa – had so much money that he is willing to buy the outfits, even the girls, which want only sex. In any case, the behavior of the men in the store can tell a lot about his character.

Signs of serious intent

A guy who truly loves, will always find time for his girl. He won't get away with excuses that I didn't call all day, because I was busy. A loving person will always be able to find a couple of minutes on a phone call or SMS.

A guy who values a relationship with a girl, introduce her to his family and close friends. You should pay attention to how often a guy mentions a girl's name when talking about the future. And no matter what he plans a trip out of town for the coming weekend or what he will do in retirement. If all his plans there is one and the same girl, it can be sure – the guy loves her and sees his future only with her.
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