The main signs of love

Will watch for a few days for your thoughts and notice how often you think about the girl. If you think about her occasionally, and then only when there are certain associations connected with it, hardly talking about love. If you think about the girl often Wake up and go to sleep with tender thoughts about her, most likely, you already had strong feelings. A good "marker" love is the ability of the brain a large part of the phenomena and objects to turn into even more of a reason to dream about the woman. For example, seeing a flower stall, you can think about what the bouquet is like your beloved.

A man in love begins to make plans at least for the near future, though each of them certainly present his fiancee. Thoughts on "where we go to relax, where we will live together." These plans can be as ephemeral and immediate, so clear and detailed – it all depends on features of character of the man and his perception of the world. Careful person, who has had the misfortune to pass through a troubled relationship, begins making plans for the future, to think about in addition features a candy-floral period and life together after it, choose behaviors that will help to avoid future quarrels and partings.

Love often inspires. Men may appear strong desire to do something good for girls: write a poem, compose a song, give a bouquet of flowers to make a decoration with your own hands. And even if the poet and musician of his bad, and to make beautiful things it is not big, these little things will fade before the desire to make the beloved pleasant.

Simple tests to determine the love

If you are still not confident in their feelings, conduct some simple experiments. To start, observe your feelings when you are chatting with a girl that you like. Whether you are waiting for her message constantly scan whether email or phone, if worried, think over whether dialogue options? When communicating tete-a-tete love may appear even brighter: man becomes withdrawn or, conversely, too talkative. The heartbeat quickens, there is anxiety, confused thoughts and sometimes we can even slip the phrase, "What am I doing?!"

To the above two options, you can add another one: priorities. Think, what choice will you do if the girl will agree to go on a date with you, but at the same time, the friends will appoint a trip to the bar, at a sports match or other event that will be of interest to you personally. If you expressly choose a date with a girl, most likely you're in love.