Even perfect at first glance, the unions have their UPS and downs. You may have come to a temporary cooling period, you should not panic. Consider the situation from all sides, try to be objective.
What provokes your doubts about your husband's feelings? He stopped to give flowers lingers in the evenings, and spends weekends with friends? Make sure that your alarm is not farfetched. For example, if the husband has to work a busy period, it is necessary to spend more time there, and your jealousy has no real basis.
Ask your husband to help you with the housework, bring it to family court. For a long time whether he was interested in school grades son? Maybe you have too much on himself, and he was eliminated so as not to disturb you to be in charge. Let him know that they need care and attention, then his attitude to you will become obvious.
Spend the weekend together, have a romantic weekend. These days will not prevent you from daily worries. The mood of man, his behavior and even the way he will accept this offer, you can learn a lot. A loving person always ready to enliven the senses, putting aside problems.
Go on a little trick. Throw a party with friends, there will certainly be together with your spouse. Let old friends watch you. Does it not seem to them that your relationship has become more restrained? Sometimes third-party judgments bring a lot of useful information that the man himself just can't miss.
Still, the best way to check your feelings – ask them directly. Say that you have doubts and suspicions and you don't want to deal with them alone. In any case you can count on the honesty of a spouse, together you will overcome a difficult period, because marriage is dear to you both.