A family with three minor children, may receive a discount on utilities in the amount of 30%, while the number of children from 4 to 6 50%, 7 and more children - 100%. In addition, these families can use the telephone service at a discount of 50%.
A large family is entitled to receive free prescription drugs for children up to 6 years. Mothers with 10 or more children, a free manufacture of dentures in public institutions of health care, except for dentures made of precious and expensive materials.
Such family members are entitled to free travel on public transport. In addition, children up to 18 years from large families can travel without payment on a commuter bus during training in educational institutions. Once a year the family discount on travel to the place of treatment in 20%.
Students from large families relies monetary allowance for collecting the school in the amount of 5000 rubles, and first-graders - in the amount of 7500 rubles. They are provided with free school textbooks, free Lunches in school cafeterias. Also, these children are entitled to free instruction in music and art schools. In some regions there are Governor's scholarship for students from large families, who are studying fine.
Children from large families are accepted in kindergartens out of turn, students are provided with vouchers to children's camps. The third and subsequent children is 100% cost of stay at the expense of the regional budget. Such family members are served at discounted prices in zoos, parks, museums, and exhibition halls. Families with children are eligible for an annual targeted financial assistance in the event of appropriate circumstances.
Families with the birth of a third child is entitled to free land for construction of villas or house. The land is given to families without a home, the presence of flats does not matter. This land is available without the right of sale, to issue the property right is possible only after the direct construction of housing, the terms of which are limited.