Advice 1: How to disable trust on the Beeline

If the money for the phone end, and the opportunity to recharge the account, you can use the "Trust paymentom" - to replenish the balance of "debt". If you activate the service, then over time it will turn off itself. And you can put on your phone not talking "in debt."

How to disable trust on the Beeline
You will need
  • - phone connected to the operator "Beeline";
  • - computer with Internet access.
Connect the service "Trust payment" by dialing *141#. The validity of the granted amount three days after the money will be deducted from your account automatically, and the service "Trust payment" will stop working. However, if you ordered the service of international roaming, you will receive an increased "Trust", which shuts down during the week.
Pay for each "Trustee payment" 5 rubles including VAT. The money will be deducted from your mobile phone account at the expiration "of Trust" after its automatic shutdown. Re-enable once "Trust" is allowed only a day after the write-off of previously accrued amounts.
Install the ban on the receipt of "Trustee payment" using the operators of the customer support center of the company "Beeline" phone 0611. To lift the ban on obtaining the passport at the customer service offices and sales "Beeline" in the customer support Center "Beeline". You can disable the service and phone, but even in this case, you must call the passport data of the owner of a mobile phone.
Start to independently control the disconnection and connection of services on your mobile phone. Sign up on the official website of "Beeline" in the section "service management System". Thus, you will create a Personal account and will be able to fully control the capabilities of their mobile phone without going to the customer support Center "Beeline". In order to know the status of your requests on the connection and disconnection of services, go to "Requests" and press the "Find" button. You can restrict the display of the list of requests designating the desired settings.
The service "Trust payment" is not available in a locked room.

Advice 2: How to borrow promised / trusted payment Beeline

The situation when the phone bill out of money, it happens, usually unexpectedly. In addition, at this time there might not be terminal for account replenishment or ATM. The Beeline provided to its customers the service "Trust payment", where you can stay connected even when the money ran out on the phone.
How to borrow promised / trusted payment Beeline

How to use the service "Trust payment"

When the balance approaches zero, there is nothing easier than to take confidence payment on the Beeline. You do this by typing a simple combination of numbers on your phone *141# then press the green call button. Money instantly credited to your account and will be charged automatically after 3 days. To take confidence payment on the Beeline, you should know that this service is paid, the fee is 15 RUB.

Beeline subscribers, who took trust, you can use it again, only paying off previous debt. To return money to the mobile operator ahead of schedule, without waiting for the payment will be deducted.

Who can use the service "Trust payment"

To take confidence payment on the Beeline is possible under certain conditions. First, the company does not give you the money if you use the services of the operator at least 3 months. In addition, the amount of trust depends on how much money per month the customer spends on communication, and the state of the balance at the time of receiving the money in debt. For example, when negative balance to take confidence payment on the Beeline will not work. Here is a sample calculation of obtaining the trust of payment:

- costs less than 50 rubles. per month, balance up to 30 RUB – Trustee payment of 50 rubles.;

costs from 100 to 1000 rubles. per month, balance to 60 RUB – Trustee payment 80 RUB.;

costs from 1000 to 1500 rubles. per month, on balances of up to RUB 60 – confidential payment-100 RUB.;

- costs from 1500 to 3000 rubles. per month, balance to 60 RUB – Trustee payment 200 RUB.;

- the cost is more than 3000 rubles. per month on balance to $ 90 – minutes of trust 450 RUB.

Note that on the guest tariff "Welcome" and the tariff plans from a number of "World of Beeline" to borrow more than 60 roubles it is impossible. To learn more, how much you can take confidence payment on the Beeline, on your phone dial *141*7# and listen to the information of the operator.

How to block the service "Trust payment"

The Beeline has also provided the ability to disable trust. If you are sure that your balance will never be negative, press the numbers 0611 and press the call button. The conversation with the operator will take less than a minute. After you call the data of your passport will prohibit a connection of trust on the Beeline.

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