To configure a regular 3-button mouse activation of commands in one click, open "My computer" or any Windows Explorer window. If the computer has Windows XP operating system, click the "View" command "folder options".
If your computer has Windows 7 or Vista, click in any Windows Explorer window menu "Organize" and select "folder Options and search". Dialog box opens the "folder Options".
See "mouse Clicks" check the box next to "Open an item (point to select)". If you wish, you can also activate the option "Highlight the signature icon when you hover. After completing the settings, close the window by clicking "OK".
Now all of the commands for the activation of which previously, you had to click twice, will be activated in a single click. For example, to open any file or run a program, it is enough to click once on the icon.
If you are the owner of a model mouse that has additional buttons, one of them you can configure to activate commands with a single click. This can be done using special software from the manufacturer of the mouse, with which you can configure additional buttons.
Such programs are usually written to the disk supplied with the mouse. If you have no disk, you can download the necessary application on the official website of the manufacturer of the manipulator (mouse).