Connect and disconnect services can you produce in the salons of "MegaFon" or in the Contact Center. In addition, there is a service like "Ban automatic authorization ServiceGuide". Connect/disconnect services can be made yourself using a web interface system.
You can also lose access to the self-service system "Service-Guide", if you incorrectly enter a password (4 times - and access will be blocked). To obtain a new password, you will need to send a message at the number 000110, which will receive a reply containing your new password.
More information about services "ServiceGuide"you will be able to obtain in the offices of customer service and in sales offices. To provide information to you and the staff of the Contact Centre (call back number 0500). How to call Center from a landline phone, you can find on the official website of the operator, by selecting a section called "Subscribers" and its region.