Help unsubscribing from unwanted newsletters using the service "Service-guide". Go to the official website of "Megaphone". Log in to "my account", the username, enter your mobile phone number. Send USSD-request to know the password. In the menu manage your subscriptions and services to find out which options connected to the room. Disable tick box next to the line. Save the settings entered.
To control the mailings, use the USSD command (it does not need to access the Internet). Send to the short number 9090 a blank message. In response you will receive an sms asking you to confirm the deactivation of the service "Mobile advertising". Don't worry: send the message to the specified number absolutely free. However, if you are in the area of roaming, with mobile phone account will be automatically charged according to current tariff plan.
Disable a distribution using the service "SIM-portal", which offers its subscribers "the Megaphone". Locate the section "Kaleidoscope" and select "Disable mailing". Confirm the command input.
If you made a list via the Internet, do not try to disable them through the services self-service or phone stores. This doesn't work. In each message – a mailing will be the address of the website on which you issued it, putting your phone number. Go to the main page, find the section "Lists", open it. Following the guidance menu, adjust the rejection of this subscription.
Call the toll free number 0500, to get detailed information about disabling these services. Or go to the official website of MegaFon, which also presents the clarification you are interested in services. If you are unable to use the services of self-service, contact the salon or the office of "Megaphone" where experts will help to solve the problem.