To connect/disconnect the service "Mobile advertising" send from your mobile phone free empty SMS to the service number 9090. After that, you will receive a reply message asking you to confirm the connection/disconnection of the service. If you send an sms message, you will be subscribed to sms channel, if you send an mms message, you will be subscribed to the mms channel, respectively.
Message sent to number 9090 is free of charge, if you are in your home network. In that case, if you are in intranet, national and international roaming sms message sent to number 9090 will be charged according to roaming tariffs.
Charges for each read sms or mms message occur at the end of each calendar month.
Discount on communication services for the service "Mobile advertising" can not be more than the amount that you spent on communications during the reporting period.
More information about this and other services provided by cellular operator "the Megaphone" you can by calling the free service number 0500 by going to the website or visit any salon of cellular communication "the Megaphone".