Service video portal involves watching TV channels on a mobile phone. With its help it is possible to access television entertainment, children's programmes, films, music channels, etc., and that's without the TV or computer. When you connect daily is the cancellation of subscriber in the amount of from 4 to 10 rubles.
If you connect this service, but your phone does not have appropriate settings or you do not like the service, then disable it as follows. Call the reference and information services MegaFon 0500, the operator will disconnect the service myself or send you in the sms algorithm of actions to disable.
Abandon mobile TV is possible via sms. For example, if you have a "Basic package", 5060, send an sms with the text "stop 1", if "Package 18+" - on the same number "stop 2".
Use the USSD-request *506#0#1# - Basic package, *506#0#2# Pack - 18+.
Visit the office of the company, there you can contact the staff of the Megaphone, which will also disable the video portal. It is reasonable to do in that case if the connection has an error, and you're not sure which package you provided (disabling the sms depends on the package type).
Go to through a personal account. Please note that you need to go with a phone that is SIM card MegaFon, otherwise account will be unavailable. Find the service "Video portal" and make off, following system prompts.
If you already have access to the system Service guide, with its help it is possible to disconnect and connect various services, including video portal. Access to this service is possible in several ways: WEB, USSD, via a mobile phone application and social network "Vkontakte"