If you have access to the Internet, disable any services you can use the special self-service system, but you need to register. From your phone dial the following command: *105*2#. On your mobile device will immediately receive a message with the universal code.
Enter the official page of the OAO "MegaFon". In the upper right corner click "Service guide". Enter the phone number and sent you in the message code.
Go to "Services and the tariff". Select the desired item, e.g. "Changing services". To disable a certain option, simply uncheck it and save the changes by clicking on the button "modify".
To perform operations with the connected services you can by means of special USSD-command. Codes learn from the operator or on the official website of OJSC "MegaFon". To do this, the string "Search", enter the name of your option from the list that appears, click on the link that leads to description. For example, to deactivate the "Change your dial tone", you can simply from your phone dial the following characters: *111*29#.
To disable any service you can with SMS commands. To do this you need from your phone to dial specific text and send it to the desired number. For example, to deactivate the options "Weather" send the word "stop" to 5151.
If you have any further questions, or you will not be able to disable the service on your own, call the contact centre on 0500 number or Federal number +7 (924) 011 0500. In that case, if you are a representative of the organization, call the service line of corporate clients – 0555.
To perform operations with services you can by an employee of the company. For this you need to visit the office of the operator or the cellular interior.