To manage the service, including to disable it, you can use the special service on the official website of OJSC "MegaFon". First and foremost you must obtain access to the site. To do this in the address bar, enter the url of the management page, the service "Video portal". In the form fill in all the required cells, that is, enter the code shown in the picture and your phone number. Finally, click the send to feature. Within a few seconds your telephone will receive service message with the required data. Enter them in the address bar. Once on the page, you will be able to deactivate the service or change the connected package.
Disable the service using a special USSD-request. The team depends on informed you of the package. For example, if you connected the base to disconnect, enter *506*0*1#. To deactivate the child channel has its own code - *506*0*4#. Package "Sport" is disabled with the following command: *506*0*5#. That is, you must dial the code that is entered when connecting, adding the digit 0.
Deactivate the "Video portal" and using the SMS. The content of the message is also different. Suppose your phone is connected the package "First entertainment". In this case you need to send 5060 "stop 9". To disable the package "18+ Premium", type "stop 18" and send it to 5060. And to deactivate the "18+ Lux" the text should be the following "stop 2".
If for any reason you cannot deactivate the service, contact the consultant of OJSC "MegaFon". To do this, call the help Desk at the number on 0500 or visit the office. Legal entities must contact the Department of services to corporate clients with an official letter from the head of the company.