Hemorrhoids is called chronic disease caused by the expansion of hemorrhoidal veins and associated with thrombosis or inflammation.

For hemorrhoids is characterized by: frequent itching in the perianal region, pain during and after defecation, constipation, bleeding. Frequent bleeding from hemorrhoids can lead to anemia.

Principles of treatment of hemorrhoids

· drug therapy (herbal medicine, the products against hemorrhoids);

· invasive treatment (sclerotherapy, coagulation);

· surgical treatment of (hemorrhoidal decartelization, hemorrhoidectomy).

To diagnose the disease, identify its stage, and also recommend how to cure hemorrhoids at home, have a qualified doctor. Only the initial stages of the pathology can be treated conservatively in the home.

Mostly, hemorrhoid treatment at home is based on the local application of rectal suppositories (candles), ointments or gels. A systematic approach is carried out by taking decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs.

The main types of candles

· Posterizan – candles, capable to locally enhance local immunity directly in the rectum.

· Candles with Ichthyol, with sea buckthorn and propolis have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and wound-healing effect.

· Suppositories, the active ingredient of which are herbs: chamomile, calendula, belladonna.

Any suppositories is recommended to apply twice a day.

Principal ointments from hemorrhoids

Recommendations on how to treat hemorrhoids at home ointments:

· Almost any remedy for hemorrhoids should be applied directly on the extended nodes with a cotton-gauze ball. Do not apply the ointment with your hands to avoid infection and damaging delicate vein walls.

· Ointment applied several times a day (2-3) to accelerate wound healing, reduce itching and pain. Minimum course of treatment – 7-10 days of continuous use.

· Depending on the predominant symptoms of the disease are assigned a different action and ointment.

Troxevasin ointment that improves the density and elasticity of vein walls. Used in the initial stages of the disease and hemorrhoidal bleeding.

In the intended reduction of the inflammatory changes and reduce the risk of bleeding from advanced nodes.

Procesan reduces itching and has a strong analgesic property.

Posterisan the most universal ointment. Allowed for pregnant women and during lactation. The active ingredients of the ointment is capable of activate immunity is reduced. Accelerates the healing of fractures, has analgesic effect.

Relief is characterized by anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and wound-healing effect. A part of the ointment comes with vasoconstrictor agonists phenylepherine prevent bleeding.

Ichthyol ointment is often used due to its antiseptic properties.

Great respect to a readily available remedy for hemorrhoids that has a number of useful properties: antibacterial protection, reduction of inflammation and local signs of hypertension, acceleration of processes of regeneration of tissues.

The effect of the ointment was Proctosedyl based on the use of hydrocortisone. Due to hormonal composition rapidly reduces inflammatory lesions of the perianal area, significantly decreases itching and swelling.

Phytotherapy in the treatment of hemorrhoids

Many patients are interested in how to treat hemorrhoids at home herbs and which plants are suitable for this. The most useful herbs having antimicrobial and hemostatic effect, and they relieve signs of inflammation. These include: calendula, chamomile, nettle, dandelion, sage, yarrow, St. John's wort and others. Of preparing herbal decoctions and infusions, as well as use during taking sitz baths from hemorrhoids.