How to treat hemorrhoids?

Not so long ago the main treatment for this disease was surgery. Today, the procedure for dealing with hemorrhoids is much simpler, due to the wide range bezoperatsionnye methods. Their advantages are that the treatment is painless and with less risk of potential complications.

If you run the disease, eventually formed anal fissure. As a result – weakened the hold of feces and intestinal gas, as well as the so-called rectal fistula. That is why it is so important to contact the experts and accurately diagnose the problem.

Important! To resort to non-surgical treatment and removal of hemorrhoids can only be in the early stages of the disease.

Sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids

This method of hemorrhoid treatment is applied at early stages of the disease. Its principle is based on the fact that in the vein of the patient entered a special active substance. This contributes to a gradual reduction in venous nodes. The course of treatment – no more than two sessions.

Infrared photocoagulation

In this case, the therapeutic effect is achieved with the help of blood clotting (coagulation) in the veins by a special device, the power supply units. As a result, blood flow is significantly reduced, and therefore, decrease and hemorrhoids. They gradually come to its natural state.

Proximal ligation

The surgeon with the highest precision determines the location of the hemorrhoidal veins, and then makes their dressing. In the end, venous nodes down to nothing. This operation is performed using local anesthesia and lasts no more than 30 minutes.


This is the main way of dealing with hemorrhoids. It is used in the later stages of the disease. The surgeon removes all the external and internal hemorrhoids. Complete healing and restoration takes place for 20-30 days.

Popular treatment of hemorrhoids

This so-called "grandma" methods. In the early stages of the disease development allowed the use of herbal medicine, medicated candles, massage. For example, in acute episodes of pain at home can lubricate the inflammation vaseline, pre-applied with a cotton swab.

Simple folk remedy against hemorrhoidal attacks is the use of baths with warm water. This will reduce pain during exacerbation of the disease.