Common causes of this disease include chronic diarrhea, and chronic constipation. The most heavily hemorrhoids affects people who are overweight and women who are in the later stages of childbearing. However, hemorrhoids may appear in a person who leads an active lifestyle, so the information about how to cure hemorrhoids at home may need to everyone. Remember that accurate information will be able to provide only specialist.
There are two kinds of hemorrhoids: internal and external. The separation occurs on the basis of inflamed nodes. The most striking symptoms of internal hemorrhoids is bleeding that occurs during bowel movements, as well as traces of blood on the toilet paper. If the nodes are large enough, they can also bulge out. To symptoms of external hemorrhoids include burning and itching in the anus, sitting becomes uncomfortable and sometimes blood. A distinctive feature is that internal hemorrhoids are often painless, and the external Vice-versa.
To quickly cure a hemorrhoid at home you will need ointments and creams: "Benzocaine", "Lidocaine" ointment analgesics, hydrocortisone, and diaper cream. Also to cope with the symptoms will help aloe Vera. You can use the drugs based on it, or just rip off a piece and squeeze the juice on the damaged area. In addition to quickly remove symptoms helps Apple cider vinegar. Just soak a cotton pad and apply to the place of treatment.
Ensure that the affected area was always clean. Despite the possible pain, the maintenance of hygiene is a priority. Use non-irritating soap and a soft washcloth. Toilet paper, in turn, can be exchanged for wet wipes containing aloe. If you can't find this option then just make it at home.
Try to drink a lot of water. It will noticeably soften your stool. Then you won't have to strain during bowel movements, which is very important in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Can even set a special timer or app on the smartphone that will remind you that it is time to drink. The chair helps to soften the tissue. As a rule, it contains in vegetables, fruit and legumes. In addition, you can buy a special Supplement.
On the question of how to cure hemorrhoids at home most often recommend cold compresses or ice. This is good advice, as the cold helps to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. However, with this method you need to be careful. The maximum time the application of cold for 10 minutes, the maximum number of repetitions per day – no more than 2.