You will need
  • - anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • - analgesics;
  • - phlebotomy;
  • - minimally invasive treatments;
  • - surgical intervention.
Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids tangible results in the acute stage of the disease. To relieve pain, use analgesics, such as "Movalis", "Voltaren", "Diclofenac", "Nise", etc. to reduce inflammation, topical use of an ointment-type "Levsin" and "Levomekol". Parallel to take tools that improve the tone of all venous vessels, because hemorrhoids – primarily a vascular disorder. The most effective of these drugs – "Detralex". You just drink. Naturally, all products must be prescribed by a specialist.
Unfortunately, the effect of conservative treatment is only temporary. Therefore, when the acute phase of illness will have to resort to more radical methods of treatment of hemorrhoids. If the disease is not too severe, refer to minimally invasive methods. This, for example, ligation of nodes with latex rings. The doctor pinched the knot, the ring blocks the blood supply, as a result, the node begins to die. He's usually with a ring is rejected in 10-14 days.
Contact laser coagulation of nodes. During this painless procedure, they will burn from the inside with laser. On the site of the hemorrhoid later appear connective tissue. Gives good results and sclerotherapy, when a node is administered a substance that causes the agglutination of the blood vessels. Option, causing a similar action photocoagulation. In this case, the bonding of blood vessels cause with the help of thermal energy through the optical waveguide. Can also resort to cryotherapy. It is performed under local anesthesia, the hemorrhoid is frozen with liquid nitrogen after thawing begins withering away.
If you have a 3rd or 4th stage of the disease, decide on the operation. Surgeon ICEcat hemorrhoids and stitch feeding vessels. You will have to lie in the hospital for about a week, then another two weeks it will take to restore.