A visit to the doctor will save you from surgery

In some cases, surgery is indicated for the treatment of hemorrhoids only for the reason that in its early stages, the patient did not want to go to the doctor. Self-medication in this case is pointless, because only an expert, researching, can start an adequate therapy.

The initial stage of hemorrhoids can be defeated with conservative methods. Usually, a proctologist is based on the inspection picks up candles or ointments that need to be inserted into the rectum several times a day. In addition, the doctor will prescribe venotonic to improve blood flow. It is immediately noted that guaranteed to get rid of hemorrhoids forever it will not work.

When coping with problem medication ways no longer possible, the specialist will select minimally invasive techniques. For external hemorrhoids, in some cases, shown electrocoagulation and internal – use latex rings. Procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. In compliance with all requirements you will be able to get rid of hemorrhoids.

The classical operation of resection of hemorrhoids is carried out in the last stages of disease or for medical reasons, when minimally invasive techniques are contraindicated. Rehabilitation after surgery is about two weeks. Perhaps maintaining pain for a longer period of time. Even completely removing the inflamed hemorrhoids there is no guarantee that you will not begin to disturb others resect the cavernous calf is impossible.

Lifestyle hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids it is important to reconsider the diet. It is desirable to limit the use of meat, spicy, smoked and pickled foods. After treatment and does shown dietary table, which advise attending. Try to stick to recommendations to avoid recurrence.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle or have a sedentary job, it is worth inclusion in the regime of the day small workouts. Try every hour to walk five minutes to cast the blood from the pelvic organs. If you have the opportunity, walk the daily walk, join a pool. Keep in mind that you cannot lift anything heavy as to not cause any worsening of hemorrhoids.

If all of the requirements, and if adjustments to their lives hemorrhoids will cease to bother you. But remember that even the slightest error in diet, alcohol intake or lifting something heavy can cause a relapse.