Medical pain relief

Suppositories. We are talking about rectal suppositories, inserted into the rectum through the anus. Today, their choices are extremely wide most effective for acute pain are candles with local components – lidocaine, novocaine, benzocaine. Rapid pain relief provides the use of candles relif, which include oil shark liver. All these suppositories relieve from swelling and inflammation of hemorrhoids, promote the flow of blood.
You should pay attention to candles with adrenaline. They quickly establish the outflow of blood from the hemorrhoidal tumors, the size of the latter is greatly reduced, as a result, they leave the area of the pinched sphincter, comes relief.

When the acute pain removed, you can reinforce the effect by introducing into the rectum candles with extract of belladonna, calendula, sea buckthorn oil, Ichthyol.

Pills. Scientific studies have shown that hemorrhoids taking pain remedies does not bring a positive result. However, the same analginum or paracetamol, Ketonal, solpadein you can use an external agent for local anesthesia, if you have at hand there was no rectal suppositories, and run to the pharmacy, there are no forces. For this mash the pill into a fine powder and sprinkle them painful area.

And candles, and powder of pain pills provide blocking painful nerve endings. These funds is a fairly reliable way out. They contribute to relieve inflammation, improve blood circulation, get rid of spasm of blood vessels and muscles of the anal sphincter.

Folk remedies

Cold. Dampen a soft cloth in cold water and apply to the hemorrhoidal lumps. Change as they heat. You will enhance the analgesic effect, if you wet the cloth in water to which was added a decoction of chamomile, nettle, wormwood, plantain, calendula (mixture or decoction of any of the herbs). The substances included in the composition of these plants, reduce inflammation, enhance the outflow of blood from the nodes, elimination of muscle spasms in the painful area.
If the pain is unbearable, you can prepare the candle of ice (icicles) and insert them one at a time into the anus until the pain subsides. Candles should be smooth, otherwise it can damage the lining of the rectum.

Baths. Make a decoction of a mixture of herbs: sage, nettle, plantain, chamomile, calendula (marigold). This 2-4 tbsp of dry mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water and allow to steep for half an hour. Dilute with cold water in arbitrary proportions, pour into the bowl (mixture should be cool). Sit in this bath for 10-20 minutes. Severe pain subside. After the procedure, lubricate hemorrhoids oil, baby cream or rectal candle, warming it beforehand in his hands.

Compress. Acute pain inflamed hemorrhoids can removed with a potato poultice. Raw tubers carefully wash, peel and grate. Wrap the pulp in cheesecloth and apply to the affected area. After 10-15 minutes remove the compress and rinse hemorrhoids cool water. As in the case of pans, grease them with butter, cream or warmed rectal candle.

Aloe Vera. Cut off a few aloe leaves (preferably the lower). Wash, finely chop, put in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice. This juice lubricate the anus. Maybe a slight burning sensation. After 5-10 minutes the pain subsides.