Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: causes

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rectum. During pregnancy it triggers the pressure of the growing uterus on the intestine. In addition, hemorrhoids can be caused by hormonal changes – progesterone decreases the activity of the intestinal wall.

Hemorrhoids in pregnant women: symptoms

The disease is insidious fact that in the initial stages are asymptomatic. Typical signs can appear only in the second half of pregnancy, among them:

- itching in the anal area;

- discomfort when emptying the bowel;

- education of internal hemorrhoids coming out during a bowel movement, but then disappearing.

At this stage it is important to start treatment to hemorrhoids not moved in the last stage, in which the hemorrhoids begin to fall – they could not reduce, so you have to do it manually. Advanced stage treatment can not be – after pregnancy need surgery, so the critical state it is better to avoid!

How to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy at home

At the first signs of hemorrhoids in pregnant women you need to immediately begin treatment. The doctor usually prescribes ointments and suppositories that will not only relieve the unpleasant symptoms, but will also strengthen the walls of the anus. Medicines are selected so as not to harm the health of the unborn child, so do not self medicate!

Important condition of successful treatment of hemorrhoids is physical activity in which there will be no stagnation of venous blood. Every day, take a walk lasting from 30 to 60 minutes. In sedentary work, you should try to take breaks every 15-30 minutes – enough to get up from the table and walk.

Prevention of hemorrhoids during pregnancy includes regular bowel movements and no constipation. This will help fiber intake (fresh fruits and vegetables) and plenty of water (if there is no swelling and kidney problems). Good laxatives properties of beets and prunes, so pregnant women must include in their diet.

Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy folk remedies allow the use of candles of sea buckthorn oil and Ichthyol in the candlelight. You can also make compresses of castor or sea buckthorn oil, blend for hemorrhoids and bumps.