Hemorrhoids is a disease of the veins of the rectum, with the anal region forms the varices, which may not bother the patient for a long time. During exacerbation of the disease nodes fall out, pains in the anus, can develop thrombosis and bleeding. Stagnation of blood in the blood vessels, decreased tone of the vascular wall and increased pressure in the pelvis can cause the development of hemorrhoids.

Normalization of a chair

So what do you do if you got hemorrhoids much pain? Necessary to achieve free and soft of the bowel. Because the holders of the hemorrhoids are people suffering from frequent constipation. Solid feces will only worsen the matter through the sore area. Include in the diet of more fibrous food, drink plenty of fluids. After that, the stool should become softer. Eliminate alcohol, spicy food and coffee. These products contribute to the worsening of the disease. Every time before going to the toilet, lubricate the anus with vaseline. Be sure to ask for advice and help to the proctologist, to avoid negative consequences.
Toilet paper should be soft. Buy paper that is white a color contains irritating chemical substances.

Medical treatment of hemorrhoids

After each bowel movement it is recommended to wash with cool water. In the initial stages it is preferable to use conservative methods of treatment: suppositories, ointments and sitz baths. A special ointment lubricate prolapsed hemorrhoids. Especially popular are the following ointment: "relief", "Processional", "Proctosedyl". Your doctor may prescribe pills for normalization of vascular tone: "Askorutin", "Detralex" or "Nikoshpan".
With hemorrhoids is impossible to exercise and lift weights. Nodes can cause severe itching, resist the urge to scratch, you can injure the walls of blood vessels and will only worsen the condition.

Traditional treatments of hemorrhoids

Ant hemorrhoid bought candles can be replaced with drugs local action, prepared at home. The easy-to-make - candle from raw potatoes. To do this, take the root, wash and peel. Cut a tuber is a small piece that is shaped like a candle. Brush with honey and insert into the anus.

Good therapeutic prescription have candles prepared according to the following recipe. Take 100 grams of beeswax and 25 grams of pine resin, mix and put in a water bath to dissolve the ingredients. Remove the cookware from the heat and add the composition of two tablespoons of honey, infused with alcohol, one tablespoon of rosehip oil and sea buckthorn. Mix well and allow to cool slightly. Wash your hands thoroughly, start sculpting suppositories. Insert the candles every night. This popular recipe will help to get rid of hemorrhoids (with regular use).