Hemorrhoids is a very common disease. It is due to a sedentary lifestyle or colds of the anus. In women it often appears after childbirth. To cure such a disease can be proven folk ways. They will allow you to avoid surgery.

Therapeutic baths get rid of hemorrhoids

Great help to get rid of hemorrhoids baths. But before applying, be sure to consult with your doctor because in some cases they cannot be used, especially when the disease is accompanied by frequent bleeding.

Take a clay pot with thick walls, pour 500 ml of milk and put 4 bulbs. Put it on a slow fire for 20-30 minutes, pre-closing cover. During this time the patient should make it a regular enema to cleanse the bowel. Then, you set the pot on a level place, and steamed over him anus. This sitz bath will help in the short term to get rid of internal hemorrhoids. It should be done every day until complete recovery.

Take a basin with cold water and toss him a small whisper of potassium permanganate. Make a sitz bath for 5 minutes. To carry out this procedure is necessary every morning and evening until complete disappearance of symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Make an infusion based on the herb Burnet. This ingredient is taken in an amount of 10 grams, pour 1 liter of water and boiled on the fire for 10 minutes. Cool it, you can do sitz baths for 10 minutes. They are excellent for for external hemorrhoids.

Other folk remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids

If the rectum is cracked, then they need to lubricate 1 per day ihtiola. During this treatment, eat only liquid food and avoid constipation.

When swelling hemorrhoids to them you need to put hot compresses made from oats or bran. When they break through, use exhaust lotions. Make them out of the water with tannin.

To hemorrhoids quickly resorbed, one should take the fresh leaves of aspen. They need to impose on the bumps and leave for 2 hours. Then made a break for 2-3 hours and then re-apply a compress of the leaves. With decreasing nodes, it is necessary to increase the breaks. When they completely disappear, it is recommended each day to wash with the decoction of dried leaf. This procedure will prevent the reappearance of hemorrhoids.