If you want to create rap instrumentals, first find out what do the bit-minus. A bit is a shock party, the rhythm of the song, you will serve as a support when creating rap songs.
Now easily find and download to the downsides of the program, its important to choose correctly. The best program for creating music FL Studio is considered. It's lightweight and easy to use. You need to think through the drum, where should be combined with kick, snare, clap. When you hear a correctly formatted entry, we can say that the rhythm of her "kachevy".
When preparing the REP-cons dominated transitions, ie, need at some point to change the bit. This happens when you change the verse begins to kick. Or Vice versa. But the transition must not spoil the song, but only to Supplement it. Then arrange party hi-hats (hi-hats) or percussion (percussion).
When the bit is ready, you can create the rap tune. It is also important to choose the right tool. You can use synth sounds or orchestral.
If you create music on your computer, you can use Virtual Studio Technology (VST), which you can choose to your taste. For example, from VST plugins: Rob Papen, Spectrasonics Stylus Native Instruments Kore etc.
If you know how to play a musical instrument, you can easily create a ringtone. You can apply the sampling (used one part of the recording for rap this sample is for one instrument or a separate part in the new recording of the rap). This is typically done with a sampler, which is part of your recording equipment, or a special program FL Studio.
After I complete the beat and melody, record the bass. To give the track an interesting sound, add at the end of the effects.
Remains the most difficult stage of mastering and mixing. Mastering, ie, your creativity needs to be turned into real art. And turns the set of paths in the finished piece of music and this completes the rap-minus.