Using high-quality software for musicians, you can step by step to create a more or less professional music track, gradually improving their skills.
There are several common programs that have a sufficient number of options to create a good bit. An example of such a program – Imagine Line Fruity Loops Studio. The program is quite good for beginners – it is easy to understand and has an intuitively simple interface. Its disadvantage is in the limited number of samples and tools to create them, but if you want you can find on the Internet for more samples and install them manually.
More professional and difficult-to-learn program – Steinberg Cubase. She should use it, if you are confident in your abilities and have dealt with audio software. One of the best programs for creating rap mixes ProTools, but you can use it only if your computer is powerful enough and strong sound card.
To create something really worthwhile in the world of music, you'll need not only good software, but not less quality synthesizer features workstation. Suitable for professional music work station is a lot of it should be selected carefully to provide the right set of tools, features and sound settings to work. Good workstations release Korg, Yamaha and Roland.
Start creating backing tracks to rap with creating a bit – the main bass rhythm, which is then superimposed melodic instrumental part. Take to create a bit seriously – it's basic rhythm, which should be the heartbeat of your song, to be powerful and diverse. Do seamless transitions rhythm depending on the places of change ringtones.
After the rhythm party is designed and created, apply to her melodic party – and here you need to include all their imagination, using samples and synth sounds.
The melody should not be mixed and unclear – it needs to be simple but memorable and interesting, and at any point of the track need to be a permanent powerful rhythm.
Towards the end of the track to vary it some kind of unusual tool or some other type of rhythm section.
Once the track is created – get it mixing, which give the track a sound engineer or teach yourself the basics of information music.