You will need
  • Computer, software, manual-tutorial for the creation of melodies or pieces of music on a computer.
Write your own composition on the recorder or a simple microphone for karaoke, connected to the computer. To create your own ringtone with the help of electronic programs such as Anvil Studio, it will take time, during which the tune can be forgotten or distorted. Pre-recorded will help to refresh the memory of the author.
Select the menu "file" the new melody". After the appearance of a blank stave with one new track in "track select" create". For beginners it will be easier to opt for the usual instrumental version of the tune.
Getting to direct the writing of music, pay attention music tunes. Select a rhythm section that will comply with the intended motive. Drum or percussion accompaniment will help with the definition of rhythm and size music.
Specify the desired note, which will be next to the image of the piano keyboard. Accordingly, the length of the sound notes pick in the durations of the notes.
To save the created ringtone – copyright midi file by choosing the menu "file" click "save tune as".
The following musical compositions using the software, the author can vary, process and write in a more detailed study of the user or using the assistant, is inherent in the program.