Rehabilitation after serious injuries. Achilles tendon rupture

Achilles tendon rupture occurs either by direct blow to the tendon, which at this point stretch, or muscle contraction, for example, when you jump. The most common treatment option rupture – surgery. Conservative treatment is also the place to be, but when fixing a plaster splint is not always possible to achieve full fusion of the tendon.

Fear of surgery is not necessary, it is performed under General anesthesia. After surgery the leg fixed with plaster cast or an orthosis for a period of approximately 6 weeks. The physician, the patient gradually begins to load and to develop tendon. The whole rehabilitation program is divided into several phases.

Phase I: maximum protection

Depending on each specific case, the doctor determines the degree of load on the operated and immobilized the limb. Load, albeit small and simple movement, not designed to stretch, should be required to avoid muscle atrophy and further problems with the joints. First, passive exercises, and then dosed axial load using the exercise bike and massage the scar area – all measures aimed at the primary rehabilitation of the Achilles tendon.

Second phase: full load

The aim of the second phase is the normalization of gait. At the end of six weeks after surgery allowed the full axial load with increase in the mobility of limbs and simple stretching exercises. This rehabilitation phase includes walking on the underwater treadmill. Valuable simulator allows you to develop after surgery normal gait by reducing axial loads during walking. Yet added exercises such as multiplanar motion foot, walking backwards, plantar flexion with resistance, a small loading on strength training equipment.

Third phase: strengthening

The purpose of the third phase – maximum recovery of range of motion. In the process of rehabilitation include exercises such as step-down, that is, descend the stairs. As soon as the patient will learn 10 times to get up on the toe, back down the stairs, and the joint will be completely movable, you can go to a physical training. When properly carried out the recommendations of athletes after about 7-8 months I can return to the sport.