You will need
  • skate Board, surface
Determine which leg you push, and what leading. The one which is most convenient to hit the ball is inching. This foot should push off on a skateboard. It must be put back. Leading, put forward.
Overclocking is not very strong. Place the foot of the leading leg at the middle of the deck of a skateboard or near the front bolts, and the foot push on the tail of the Board. Focus, bend your knees and get ready to jump.
Click - basic motion ollie. It is a sharp push, kick foot leg at the tail of the Board. After a moment, after you click the proceed from the earth's surface with the skateboard. It's like jump on one foot. The leading leg while in the sky, so the nose of the Board goes up. On the strength of click envy the height of the ollie.
How to do <strong>jump</strong> <b>skate</b>
Hood. When the tail Board away from the surface, and the nose is lifted, pull the skateboard. The hood is curved inward when the foot is the leading foot slips on the skins Board forward and up. This movement helps the Board to rise into the air.
Flight and landing. Pulling the skate, will you raise it up in the air. During the flight, monitor your center of gravity. He must have been at the center of the skateboard. You can imagine that you're in a box, whose length corresponds to the length of the Board. Try not to go beyond the boundaries of the imaginary box, stay in the center of it.
How to do <strong>jump</strong> <b>skate</b>
The quality of the indents depends on the duration of the flight. Then we got to land. Place your feet near the bolts, not to break the Board. Not too lean backward and not very bend over forward. Remember the center of gravity. Land.