Advice 1: How to insert the batteries

Flashlight, a radio, a watch able to operate autonomously for a long time even where there is no electricity, thanks to the batteries. The capacity of these food elements depends on their type and material content. Sometimes devices that are powered from independent sources of electricity are sold without them. In order to use the purchased appliance you need to know which batteries fit for him and how to properly insert the device.
How to insert the batteries
You will need
  • - the appliance is powered
  • - a store that sells batteries
To the appliance has earned, first find out which type of battery is right for them. This information can be found on the packaging of the device or in the attached instructions. Buy the batteries of the required type in a specialty store.
Salt batteries are typically used for devices with low power consumption, small toys and flashlights, various low-power remotes. Alkaline (alkaline) batteries can supply the required power to the radios, table clock, shavers, toys motor, audio player.
For calculators, watches, hearing AIDS are suitable silver-zinc batteries. The lithium current sources with the largest capacity, used in various information storage devices, cell phones, watches, various devices with high power consumption.
To get full information about battery allows labeling. In the notation LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03, the First letter indicates the chemical composition of the battery: "C" - ion, "S" for silver-zinc "L" - base. If the letter is missing, then you have a salt battery.
The second letter indicates the shape of the power source: R - cylindrical, F - flat, in the form of tablets. If the marking of the batteries starts not with letters and numbers (e.g. 6F22), it means the number of its components smaller batteries. The numbers at the end of such designations indicate the radius of the batteries.
In the instructions to the electrical device find out, where is the compartment for the batteries. Slide the right cover and carefully inspect it: on the inner side can be placed layout of batteries in the compartment.
At one end of the cylindrical battery is the negative terminal and the other positive. The positive pole of the convex portion is larger than the negative. Also usually on the housing of the power element can be detected symbols in the form of plus and minus, indicating the polarity of the poles.
The size of the cylindrical batteries are of the following types: D, C, AA, AAA. D - battery of large diameter, AAA is the smallest.
Batteries-tablets, on the contrary, the positive terminal is on the flat side, and negative to slightly convex. Usually on the flat side of the batteries you can see the marking in the form of a plus sign showing the polarity.
Insert the batteries according to the diagram on the cover of the device or clarification in the instructions to the device. Be sure to observe the polarity of the poles on the batteries and the circuit.
After placing your batteries in a special compartment close the cover of the device.
Useful advice
In one appliance, insert the batteries, same manufacturer, same type and the same state of charge.

Advice 2: How to open a mouse

Wireless devices are becoming increasingly popular among users, specifically the wireless mouse. Most often you can see them owners of laptops, although in some cases users have desktop computers. Most buyers of wireless mice after unpacking wonder where the batteries go?
How to open a mouse
First of all unpack the contents of the box and pull out the mouse. Note: is there a complete brochure or instructions. So, take the mouse in hand and look carefully. Usually the manufacturer making the battery compartment at the bottom of the mouse, but in rare cases it is located just in the middle. If the compartment is on the bottom, then pry it with something sharp or if there is a "tab", click on it. Insert the batteries and close the lid.
To access the compartment, press on the top part of the mouse body, and then slowly pull. Don't worry: the mouse is not broken, but removed only moving part. Insert the batteries and close the cover, the main thing - do not smash the cloves, which are inserted into the slots on the housing. The basic arrangement of the compartments for the batteries in the mouse considered. If your wireless mouse has no compartment in these two places, then read the instructions supplied. Also the user manual can always be downloaded on the official website of the manufacturer.
In the process of using wireless mouse is sometimes necessary to completely disassemble its case – for example, to dirt or to resolve the problem. Start with the screws. Look carefully at the bottom of the mouse: remove the sticker and legs, because hidden underneath the largest number of screws. Unscrew them and carefully remove the upper part of the body. On some "fancy" mice upper and lower part of the body is connected with a special cable and severing it, will have to bear it in repair. Unscrew all the innards does not make sense, since all the dust would good visible. The screws can be pre-numbered to avoid confusion when assembling the mouse. Back legs can be glued with double sided sticky tape or pre-cleaned and glued with silicone adhesive.

Advice 3: How to charge the batteries

Not necessarily every time you get the batteries, take the time to buy a new one. Much easier to spend a little more money and purchase the batteries that you can charge.
How to charge the batteries
To charge batteries you need a charger that is often sold together with two to four batteries, so if you bought the kit, half the problem is already solved. If the charger, then they will have to acquire.
If you decided on buying the charger at the same time, check your existing batteries – not all can charge. On rechargeable batteries Rechargeable will necessarily be written and large numbers indicated their capacity: 800, 1200, 1600, 2200, 2600 etc. If your batteries such signs there, and a voltage of 1.2 V and 1.5 V – be sure to charge those batteries is impossible.
After the batteries and charger ready insert the battery into the device, strictly observing polarity. Look for signs of the plus and minus buttons and insert the batteries accordingly. As a rule, to insert the battery in the charger need to bend the "tongue", which will hold the battery by means of a spring.
Making sure the battery is securely in the charger, insert it into the socket. On most chargers the LEDs at this point, turn to red, which means the beginning of the charging process.
All batteries can one find information about how many hours to charge these batteries. For batteries of different capacity, charging time can vary from 12 to 24 h or more. In addition, some of the charger signals completion of the charging process a sound signal or a change in the color indicator from red to green.
Types Of "Batteries". Battery chargers, providing a constant voltage (potentiostatic charge mode) and a combined charge. Charger for lead-acid, lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are supposed to regulate current at the first stage of the charge and stabilization of the supply voltage at the second.
Useful advice
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