Use the Latin alphabet. For those who wants to encrypt his name using the computer keyboard, the easiest way is to write your name in Cyrillic, switching the keyboard mode to Latin. Or Vice versa, type its name in the English style using the keyboard in the Cyrillic letters. This is the easiest and the most unreliable way to encrypt my name.
Use a digital code. Write out the alphabet and assign each letter a number from 1 to 33. After that using the obtained numbers, can write his name, encrypting it in the numbers. This option is also not reliable, but he's a little more difficult to decrypt than the previous one.
Use a special system of symbols known only to you and your recipient. Write down the alphabet again, only instead of numbers, assign each letter a specific icon, whether it's star, fir, flower, soccer ball, or something else. It is desirable that the icon did not give any hint on the letter that it encrypts. Thus, it will have to come up with a variety of 33 characters, with which you will be able to encrypt your name.Consider also that the same alphabet with transcription have been to your destination. In addition, you must make sure to not leak information, since anyone who receives your alphabet with transcription is easy to calculate your name.This scheme of encryption will be useful not only to classify his name, but to simply convey to each other secret messages. However, these goals need to periodically change locations or to introduce new badges to the potential decryptor is not able to calculate what the sign indicates what letter, I read several of your posts. About the change cipher your recipient needs to be aware of, so as not to mislead him.