To view your email, send email – all this is possible only when you are using email resource, which before starting, you need to register and create your email.
Then to login, just type a user account - username (the name of the electronic box without specifying the domain) and password. It is known only by you, resulting in lost can be restored. To exclude the possibility of breaking scams in your e-mail, do not share their accounts information and, at least sometimes (and ideally every two to three months) change your password.
If you already have an e-mail to "the Rambler", enter in the appropriate lines on the main page of the site your username and password.
If you have not got the account of "the Rambler", make it's never too late. But will have to start also from the main page Located to the left click on the button "Get mail "Rambler" and go through the basic procedure for creating electronic box.
For this you will need on the page enter your personal data – name, surname and e - box. Then the system will validate your login. And if that's not in the system, prompt you to go to the next step. In case of detection of identical addresses, a login will need to be replaced.
Then go to the next page. In the new window you need to enter the password that will be used to log into your account, and repeat it in the footer. Then answer the security question. In this case, you can opt for one of the options or enter your own. The answer to the security question is needed to restore access to the account, if he for any reason will be lost.
Then complete the remaining sections of the application form: enter additional e-mail, your gender, your date of birth. Enter the code shown in the picture, and click "Register". That's it: the task is completed. From this moment on you get access to all services "Rambler".