For a start, it should be noted that to be the owner and have the right to drive a vehicle are not one and the same. You can absolutely no problem to buy a car from an authorized dealer or from a private seller, not having the rights to control the vehicle (for example, this can be done at the beginning of training on driver's license). By law no one can prevent you in this purchase.

Purchase car loan without a driver's license

If you do not have the required amount to purchase the car (for example, you have only part of the total purchase price, you can obtain a car loan on any vehicle without a driver's license. Banks have no right to hinder you in obtaining a loan for such purposes, if you have all the necessary documents (form 2-NDFL statement, proof of income, passport, permanent residence permit or the document of temporary registration, and military ID, social security number, etc.). The main issue of insurance within a specified time (up to 5 days from date of purchase), in the absence of a policy to a person who has the right to control your car, will issue a fine (500-800 rubles), and will in the end be charged a registration number.

However, with the issue of insurance problems may arise. To have the policy in your own name will not work because you have no rights. In this case, you can make insurance for relatives or friends.

Fines for driving his car without a license

If at the time of stopping your vehicle, the traffic police will find out that you have no driver's license (left it home, or it is not in principle), then you will be penalized. You can make a warning, fined 500 rubles, to withdraw the car, prevent driving a vehicle until then, until you have found and eliminated the causes of traffic violations.

If you went to town, and you have a driver's license, the traffic police will fine you in the amount of 5-15 thousand rubles (in accordance with article 12.7) of the code). In the case where you previously were denied the right to drive a vehicle, then you can be fined on 30 thousand roubles, and to put for 15 days or by a court decision to appoint 100-200 hours of community service. If you would remove the car and take to the impound lot, and after the application of any fines you have to pay for Parking transport, with the exception of 1 day.