The transfer of control vehicle to another person in some cases may be justified, however, the current traffic Rules prohibit such transfer under certain conditions.

A situation in which a prohibited transfer of control

A complete list of situations in which the driver is prohibited to transfer the right of control of the vehicle to another person described in paragraph 2.7 of the existing Rules of the road. This section of the document establishes that these transfers are not allowed in cases where the person to whom the wheel is in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication or under the influence of strong medicines, as well as those citizens who do not have a driver's license authorizing the driving of this category, or other document serving as a full-fledged replacement.

The penalty for unlawful transfer of control

The sanctions that can be applied to the driver, who carried out the unlawful transfer management rights to another person, as other penalties for violation of traffic Rules prescribed in the Code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation, registered in the laws of our country under number 195-FZ of 30 December 2001. It is noteworthy here that although the current Rules of the road do not share the various grounds of illegality of the transfer of vehicle control, of the administrative code provides for different penalties for different types of incidents.

So, when you transfer the helm to the person who is not in possession of the driving license, the car owner will have to pay a fine of 3 thousand rubles (paragraph 3 of article 12.3 of the Cao RF). And this is, admittedly, one of the softest penalties for unlawful transfer of control. In particular, this situation applies only to persons who in principle have such certification, but, say, forgot it at home. If someone was handed the wheel, no ID, because he never got it or was denied, the owner of the car, give him the right to control, pay already 30 thousand roubles of the penalty (paragraph 3 of article 12.7 of the administrative code). A similar fine will be imposed on the owner who entrusted to operate the machine the person in a state of intoxication. However, it will be applied to it additional punishment in the form of deprivation of the right of management by a vehicle for a period from six months to two years (paragraph 2 of article 12.8 Cao RF), since such an act entails creating increased danger for other road users.