You will need
  • - the act of a single examination;
  • - transit number;
  • - the contract of sale vehicle he the account information;
  • insurance
  • - pass technical inspection (from old owner);
  • - the passport of technical means;
  • - power of attorney;
  • - copy of your passport certified by a notary.
After you purchased the car, head to the nearby Department of technical inspection of transport and take the place for the registration of vehicles. Then, without waiting for their turn, contact any and ask for an application form on the "results act single STK" on hand. After filling out this form, sign it at the chief, whose name was specified in the statement.
After that, wait for the issuance of documents for inspection. You will see the received documents, the receipt amounts will be zeros. This procedure is absolutely free.
Then we drive the car with the documents for inspection. After examining put your tags in the documents issued, it will return them to you. The act, handed over to you, carefully check for errors. In the "state room" should be a number of transit rather than the old state number from the card maintenance. The name and all technical specifications need to be written without grammatical errors.
Further, there are two registration options. Go to the hometown with all the documents and make a power of attorney for brother, sister, friend, or personally deliver all documents to register. However, there is a cheaper, though more difficult way is execute a power of attorney at the notary. By and large, lawyers have ready-made templates for the preparation of such documents, however, better in the field check the accuracy of the registration, to avoid problems at check-in.
The power of attorney must provide the right setting for a given vehicle in a specific region, a specific person at a specific PTS. Also write down the passport information of the person who issued a power of attorney, and best of all – a copy of the first page. If there are special notes in the title, also specify them on the form. In addition to the attorney make a copy of all passport pages and also reassure her by a notary. Then your trusted identity is sent with the documents to the traffic police at the place of residence where you pay the room rate, duty, and submits documents for the registration of inspectors.