Just wanted to note that the recovery procedure of the state registration plate of a car completely simple, however it will take some time (often 2-3 days).
Contact the police Department at the place of loss of state private car or residence, they write a statement about the loss of the license plate. Be sure to take the documents for the car and your identity.
Go to the district traffic police.
Write down the statement about the loss of accommodation and the application for issuance of new license plates.
Go, taking the necessary receipts in the savings Bank to pay for them. Such receipts include the following:
receipt for making changes in the TCP;
receipt for the issuance of a regular certificate of registration;
receipt for state registration plates;
receipt for issuing a ticket inspection.
Remember, to pay for all those receipts you need to specify an rcoad Code of the DMV where you go in the future.
Go to the DMV, pay all the above receipts and armed with a pen and several sheets of white paper. Fill in the form, which will be offered to employees, as well as write explanatory of the circumstances under which missing state number, indicating that in case it finds or refund, you agree to return it to the appropriate authorities.
Give written explanations, the questionnaire and all the documents for the car in the window and wait until the officer calls you. You pigs pass the second (remaining) state number.
Get a new state signs on the car and a new certificate of vehicle registration and title with all amendments.
You should contact the insurance company which insured your car for vneseny changes to the insurance policy. The procedure is free.
Get a new coupon of checkup. For this, contacting appropriate authorities, you should write a statement modeled on the stand, to wait your turn and get a new pass, which will act as long as the previous one, only the state rooms there will be fixed with the new one. Attention! A re-inspection when such procedure need not take place.
Ready, now you can ride with a new, restored rooms, mi.